Rizza Sta Ana

Senior Content Writer

Rizza works as a Senior Content Writer at ZipMatch. Before ZipMatch, she has been working as a freelance academic researcher/writer and was previously connected with a foreign-owned tech startup. She attended the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

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Zipporah Antonio

Senior Content Writer

Zip is a Senior Content Writer at ZipMatch. A graduate of Mass Communication, she worked as a researcher/writer for a government agency before jumping on to real estate industry.

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Des Arellano

Contributor Writer

Des likes museums, photographs, scuba diving, small living spaces, and indoor gardens. Her next challenge is to make her cactus plants survive for more than a month.

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Kathlyn dela Cruz

Content Development Coordinator

Kathlyn is ZipMatch's Content Development Coordinator. A journalism graduate from the University of the Philippines, she first ventured into news writing for one of the country's leading news networks before jumping into real estate marketing. She has been reading and writing all her life.

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Hannah Malmstrom

Contributor Writer

Hannah is a content writer with a degree in Development Communication. In her free time, she likes to paint, read, and binge watch on Netflix.

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