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How Much Has the Pandemic Affected Residential Sales and Leases

There are varying expert opinions about the matter, but just like the Filipino spirit, the dream of buying and owning a home remains to be stronger than the virus.   When COVID-19 first hit the Philippines, healthcare measures including social distancing quarantine were imposed. The uncertainty because of the pandemic put almost all industries, including […]

11 BBB Projects You Should Definitely Check Out

The Build! Build! Build! Program aims to accelerate infrastructure in the Philippines, which will supposedly help further economic development. The term “Build, Build, Build” (BBB) program was first introduced early in the term of President Rodrigo Duterte. BBB, which is a package of flagship infrastructure projects the president aims to deliver before leaving office, promises […]

The Best Apartments for Rent in Makati

See the best apartments for rent in Makati from the most affordable to the most expensive. These condos will exceed your expectations.

The Most Expensive Districts to Rent a Condo or House and Lot in Metro Manila

What's it like to rent a condo or house and lot in Metro Manila’s most expensive districts? What makes them much sought after by high-end renters?

How High is the Demand for a Condo for Rent in the Philippines?

Before you take the plunge in Philippine real estate, let's look at the numbers. Exactly how high is the demand for a condo for rent in the Philippines?

The Best Condominium Developers in the Philippines Q2 2017

The ZipMatch Data Science Team went through thousands of properties and came up with an algorithm to find the best condominium developers in the Philippines.

Why Rental Yield is Important When Buying or Selling a Property

Any real estate broker or agent will often tell you that the best property investment highly depends on the property’s rental yield. Having knowledge of rental yields will give you a good idea of how quickly you can recover or make profit from the money you’ll invest.