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Worth Visiting Coffee Shops in BGC, Taguig City

  Cafés are fantastic hideaways because they have a relaxed environment, delicious sweets, and excellent coffee. At the truth, many people work, meet with friends, or simply spend time alone in a café for hours on end. Cafés are fascinating in that no two have the same concept. There’s always something new to look forward […]

High-End Condo Units in BGC

We all want to live in an uncluttered and spacious home where we can create memories with loved ones,  work unrestrained, and rest when needed. If you live in the metro, you understand that it can be difficult to experience uninterrupted convenience.  In Bonifacio Global City, there are premier residential towers that have spacious units. […]

Gorgeous Pieces in the Living Rooms

We maintain our living rooms tidy and beautiful because it is where we spend most of our time, whether alone, with family, or with friends. We skillfully place each thing so that we can move about freely without looking cluttered. Tasteful furniture and adornments contribute to the graceful atmosphere we’re going for. From window styles […]

Condo for Sale in Ortigas Center (Mandaluyong)

Mandaluyong is a world-class city in the heart of Metro Manila. Often known as the Tiger City, it attracts visitors from all over the country and the world due to its excellent infrastructure and easy location. This city has shopping malls, office buildings, schools, and public transit. Mandaluyong is the epitome of what it means […]

Breakfast Spots in San Lorenzo, Makati

  Breakfast is regarded to be the most important meal of the day. As a result, every morning, treat yourself to a delicious and filling breakfast. It not only provides the physical energy you need to get through your hectic day, but it has also been scientifically proved to help you stay at a healthy […]

BGC: Illustration of Art in the City

Aside from its infinite dining, retail, and nightlife options, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is noted for housing some of the Philippines’ most important art pieces. Art can be found in abundance throughout Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. It almost feels like you’re wandering through an open-air museum, with sculptures by Sajid De Leon and new […]

3 Aesthetic Office Spaces in Ortigas

The quick growth of co-working spaces in several locations around Metro Manila is a remarkable phenomena, but it is also a predicted effect of collaboration’s growing appeal. With the burgeoning start-up ecosystem – and the growing interest in sectors intersecting and discovering new ways to collaborate – a growing number of co-working spaces have opened […]

Condo for Sale in Ortigas Center (Landmark) 

  Pasig is a city located in the southeastern section in Metro Manila that is rapidly-emerging. It is a key road hub that connects many major cities and provinces in the Philippines. It’s also gaining importance due to the fact that it houses Ortigas Center which offers malls, attractions, landmarks, parks, and restaurants, among others. […]

Condo for Rent in Ortigas Center (Mandaluyong)

  Mandaluyong is a first-class, highly urbanized city found right in the heart of Metro Manila. Dubbed as the Tiger City, Mandaluyong attracts numerous people from different places due to its amazing infrastructure and convenient location. Malls, office buildings, schools, and public transportation may all be found in this city. Living in Mandaluyong encapsulates what […]

Condo for Rent in Ortigas Center (Landmark)

The City of Pasig is a rapidly-emerging city in Metro Manila. As the former capital of the province, it has lofty ambitions for its future. Located in the southeastern part of Metro Manila, Pasig takes on a very big role as an important road hub connecting many major cities and provinces within the Philippines. It’s […]