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Condo Redefines Urban Lifestyle

The rise of condominiums in the Philippines has created a new and exciting lifestyle for Filipinos and expats alike. Independent yuppies, couples, and even empty nesters have found the convenience of living in high-rise residential buildings more to their liking rather than managing their own house and lot in the city.

A condominium is a type of real estate property that is composed of several unit spaces in a single building or multiple towers. This can have individual condominium certificate titles and can be owned by various people. Homebuyers can choose from the different types of unit layouts available in the market including flat-type (studio and multiple numbers of bedroom units) and multi-level (loft, bi-level, and penthouse) spaces. This is also popular for real estate investors who wish to earn extra income.

High-rise condominiums are commonly found in prime locations in Metro Manila including Makati, Ortigas Center, and Taguig. Other important business areas in the country such as Davao and Cebu are also seeing a rise in the demand for vertical residences. Since location and size greatly influence the price of a property, expect to pay more when buying one in these areas. But affordable and mid-range condos are also available at under P5 million.

Advantages of Vertical Living in the Metro

Condominium living has improved the way people live in the concrete jungle. People are now taking advantage of the amenities and services these properties offer without worrying about the maintenance one does when living in a typical horizontal residence, like a single-unit house and lot.

Most condos offer complete facilities and recreational amenities including round-the-clock security, swimming pools, and gyms to name a few. These project developments are also attracting first-time homebuyers because of the proximity to office buildings, leisure and entertainment, public transportation and more.

Indeed, there are many benefits of condo living that fit the lifestyle of many seasoned urban dwellers. Staying in a condo provides a rewarding experience to many of its unit owners, residents, and even guests of homeowners at a practical cost.

Buying Condos for Sale in the Philippines

Whether you are an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) planning to purchase a condominium in the Philippines from abroad for investment, or are a renter looking forward to having your own home in the near future, investing in real estate property is a huge decision. Practicing due diligence is an important aspect when purchasing a property in the Philippines. There’s a SMART way of going through the home buying process for a more enjoyable experience. Here’s how:

1. Self-assess. Owning a home is a commitment. It’s not something you can purchase on a whim, and drop like a hot potato when you don’t want it anymore. This is why knowing how ready you are before you take the plunge is crucial.

2. Meet a pro. Getting the services of a top real estate professional helps make the homebuying process easy and convenient. Many homebuyers see their value since they are more knowledgeable and familiar how the real estate industry works.

3. Arrange a viewing. Property viewing allows a homebuyer see what’s in the neighborhood plus the unit itself. But not all homebuyers have the luxury of going to the place in person. This is where 360 virtual tours and 3D unit layouts give them a visual of the property they are eyeing.

4. Review your choices. Not all people are blessed to find the property they want in a single go. So for those who need to weigh all considerations, it’s best to create a shortlist. Consider how one property will affect you and your family’s entire lifestyle.

5. Talk to an expert. If you have more questions or concerns, you can consider securing assistance from a reputable online real estate marketplace that can help match you with the top real estate agents and brokers.

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