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House And Lot for Sale in Taguig City: 25 units found

Taguig – Metro Manila's Boom Town

Once a sleepy town on the outskirts of Metro Manila, Taguig is now a vibrant modern city that buzzes with activity, day and night. Its central business district never sleeps, with BPO firms, banks, IT companies, and other top corporations calling it home.

Conveniently located close to three major national highways (C-5, SLEX, and EDSA), Taguig also boasts excellent accessibility to the airport, making it the ideal location for a world where things are always on the go.

Molding Young and Creative Minds

While the city might seem all shiny and new, the city of Taguig is rich in history. It is home to several old churches and Spanish-era structures, such as the lighthouse at Napindan Channel and Taguig Church. Unknown to many, Taguig was also the headquarters for U.S. forces during the Philippines' days as an American colony, and one can find, built into the bedrock, old tunnels linking former military installations.

Nowadays, Taguig's population is getting younger and younger. Part of it is due to the establishment of many outsourcing and creative firms in the Bonifacio Global City business district; part of it is due to the many young families that have chosen to build their homes there. Taguig is among the top cities in the country whenever education is discussed; many top schools, such as the Japanese School, British School, and International School Manila, have chosen to move their campuses there. Adults who want to take their knowledge to their next level can also enroll in the professional schools of the University of the Philippines and De La Salle University.

Because of the presence of prestigious schools and many cultural and scientific facilities such as the Mind Museum, Taguig is one of the best places in which to raise a family.

Buying a House in Taguig

Taguig is fast becoming the country's commercial and business center, and everyone wants to have a share of the action. It is home to gated subdivisions with generous lot sizes, 24/7 security, and access to some of the best dining and shopping establishments in Metro Manila. Houses here range from P4.5 million for a home in Maharlika Village to P69 million in upscale McKinley Hill, and given the way things are moving up, it's best to invest in a Taguig house as soon as possible.


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