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Batangas – Industrial Port of the Philippines

Bounded by the CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) region, Batangas owes its industrial growth to its prime location. The accessibility alone of the province makes up for the booming growth of its business districts. These business districts houses the hubs of commercial, leisure, economical and residential, specifically the towering condominiums for sale emerging everywhere. Batangas surely places itself as a top contender in the most-developed provinces of the Philippines.

Home of the Azure Beaches

Not only is it home to the industrial business, Batangas complements the urbanization with its majestic white sand beaches and clear waters. Tourists from the nearby bustling Metro Manila as well as provinces from the North retreat to the beaches of Nasugbu, Calatagan and Laiya. Due to its picturesque setting, condominiums for sale are appreciating its great potential as they are erected around the panoramic view of Taal Volcano. The lovely ambiance of the province also provide solace, comfort and refuge for soul-searchers as the famous retreat house of Caleruega combines nature and architecture at its finest. Sophisticated weddings are also held in the intimate church of Caleruega.

Economical Investment at Batangas

From a range of P1.3 to P18 million, condominiums for sale at Batangas caters to all markets such as empty nesters, independent yuppies, working millennials, corporate executives and starting families.

These towering skyscrapers are Pico de Loro by Costa del Hamilo, Inc., Terrazas de Punta Fuego by LandCo, Vineyard Residences by Megaworld, Splendido Towers by Sta. Lucia Land Incorporated, Nautilus by LandCo, Playa Calatagan by LandCo, The Suites at Mt. Malarayat by Active Group, Inc., and Arista (Laeuna De Taal).

Who says you can't have everything at once? With Batangas, you can enjoy the suburban lifestyle in a nature-filled setting. Coming home to a place has never been more exciting.


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