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Condominium for Sale in Fort Bonifacio Global City: 619 units found

Exciting District in the South

Before it became the vibrant community we all know and love, the history of Bonifacio Global City began as a military base. It was then called Fort William McKinley and housed the American and Filipino troops. In 2003, Ayala Land together with Evergreen Holdings and Bases Conversion and Development Authority revitalized the area, and the bustling The Fort was born.

BGC completely went a 360-degree turn, and its future looks bright. Today, it is now considered as a highly-urbanized, modern community. The district's thriving business and real estate landscape makes it one of the most important economies within Metro Manila. Townships are the small, self-sustainable communities in BGC that caters to the needs of city dwellers to be in a place where their work, home, and source of entertainment are within one place.

Where the Passionate Lives

The demographics of BGC comprises of people who live and work in the area including expats, families, and single urbanites. The presence of international schools like International School Manila, British School Manila, and Manila Japanese School further makes it a melting pot of different nationalities and personalities.

One of the awesome things about residing in Bonifacio Global City is that it offers a clean and green environment conducive for a healthy lifestyle. There are many activities you can enjoy when in BGC like explore its different historical landmark, view the outdoor art sculptures, do sports activities, try out a new food concept, and exercise.

BGC Living: Condo for Sale

Owning a condominium for sale in BGC with a modern design or a resort-type community are just some of the reasons why you should buy a property here. Many yuppies, families, expats, and even local celebrities call BGC home. Most of them live in condominiums they bought from top real estate developers like Ayala Land Premier, Megaworld Corporation, Robinson's Land Corporation, and ArthaLand to name a few.

Want to buy a condo here for less than P5 million? You can! Properties available within this price range include South of Market, The Trion Towers, and Avida Towers BGC 9th Avenue. BGC condos like One Serendra, Pacific Plaza Towers, and Essensa East Forbes are popular among the affluent families and business executives.

Life in BGC: What is it Like to Live in Bonifacio Global City

Why You Should Buy A Home In Bonifacio Global City

There have been many glowing reports in the media about the condition of the Philippine real estate today. Recently, an unknown buyer bought a P200 million penthouse property at East Gallery Place. Although this shouldn't have been making major news, what makes the purchase incredulous is the fact that the condominium building where the property is located has yet to be built in Fort Bonifacio. So why should you buy a home in BGC?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: BGC in Pictures

What gives life to a city? Is it its people? Is it the landmarks that the area is famous for? Or is it the activities that can be enjoyed there? Every city has a soul – a distinct character that easily identifies them to people. One of the best places in the Philippines that have an enchanting soul is Bonifacio Global City. What are the images that come to mind when you think of Bonifacio Global City?

What is it Like to Live in Bonifacio Global City?

Chances are that you have been presented with opportunities to make Bonifacio Global City your new home. However, upon your initial research, you have come across criticism from netizens about living in a highly-urbanized district such as BGC. Do these claims hold water?

Tech Companies that call Fort Bonifacio Home

Bonifacio Global City is becoming the favorite place to do business today. Many startups are beginning to establish a presence in the hottest residential and commercial community in Metro Manila. Our company, ZipMatch, is one of the tech startups that calls the Fort home.

Activities for a Healthy Lifestyle in Bonifacio Global City

Doing regular physical activities not only provides essential health benefits, but these also make you feel good about yourself. Studies have shown that being active reduces the risk of getting illnesses and other diseases. Bonifacio Global City is one of the many modern cities in the country that is creating a great environment conducive for healthy living.

World-Class Schools in Bonifacio Global City

As one of the major global destinations in Metro Manila, Bonifacio Global City offers a number of educational institutions, including pre-school, colleges, and international schools. To help you choose the best school for your children, delve into our list of the major educational institutions in Bonifacio Global City.

Keeping Bonifacio Global City Clean and Green

Fort Bonifacio has completely changed the game in terms of urban development in Metro Manila. The entire place is so different from the the central business districts in Makati, Ortigas, Quezon City and Manila. Because of these, BGC has become the place to do business in while also as a preferred residential location for the modern Filipino families. But what makes BGC so clean and pleasing to our eyes?

Cultural Destinations in Bonifacio Global City

It is said that a city without a library is not a complete city. Bonifacio Global City is not short on shopping centers and commercial bookstores. However, public spots where people can geek out without spending a lot of money are only a handful. Let's treasure the few that there are and take a look at the museums, cultural centers and of course the library.

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