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Welcome to the Capital of the Philippines

The city of Manila, as a significant economic and political center of the Philippines, is home to different finance and industrial companies in the country. This historical locality also serves as the seat to many executive and judicial branches of the country.

Located on the eastern shores of Manila Bay, the city of Manila is one of the most important entry points for trade in the country. Its strategic location and booming economic activity in the early years has earned it the moniker "Pearl of the Orient."

Featuring the country's famous University belt and several prominent educational institutions, it is also home to more than 40 colleges and universities including top schools like De La Salle University and University of Santo Tomas to name a few. Manila also has different popular tourist attractions and other noteworthy cultural sites, which includes Rizal Park and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Want to travel back in time and discover architectural gems during the metro's early years? Historical spots like Intramuros and Escolta Street still feature heritage buildings that provide a glimpse of how real estate properties looked in the past.

Modern Living in Historical Manila

As popularized by a local song in the 90s, Manila is a place worth coming back to, thanks to the city's interesting and exciting environment. From its famous Manila Bay sunset to the hip arts and culture scene to just about the experience of staying in the area, there's really no place like the heart of the metropolis.

Enjoy the different sights and flavors of Manila through its hundreds of busy streets, different hole-in-the-wall restaurants, historical landmarks, and more. Indeed, Manileños, as the locals are fondly called, enjoy everything the city has to offer.

An expat living in Manila and is used to the hustle and bustle of city living will find the city their home away from home. As such Manila remains to be a popular retirement location in the country because of its low cost of living, easy access to diverse leisure and entertainment, English-speaking citizens, among others.

Discover Manila Condo for Sale

The skyline of Manila is changing, and it is very evident in the proliferation of condo for sale rising in key areas in the city. High-rise residential and even commercial buildings are now marking the skies of Manila.

Anchor Land Holdings Inc. is among the country's top real estate developers aiming to improve the way people live life in Manila. Binondo, the world's oldest Chinatown, is having a makeover thanks to the vertical properties being built here. Some of the tall residential buildings available for new homeowners include Oxford Parksuites, Lee Tower, and Mandarin Square.

Condominium developments are redefining the urban lifestyle in Manila. Residents now have the option to own a piece of Manila land and enjoy the basic amenities like swimming pool, gym, playground, and parking without worrying about property maintenance. Other project developers who have contributed to a more convenient and accessible city living includes Eton, New San Jose Builders Inc., DMCI, Federal Land, and Alveo.

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