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Home > Developers > Century Properties

About Century Properties

Century Properties, Inc. has almost three decades of experience in developing property, as well as in marketing and managing real estate. Currently, the company is managing 50 buildings in the metro, including well-known institutions such as the Asian Development Bank complex in Ortigas Center and Makati Medical Center. On the development side, Century Properties pioneered the concept of fully-fitted and fully-furnished (FF/FF) units, making this a standard industry practice. 

In 2012, the company made P21.4 billion in pre-sales, exceeding its target of P20 billion and marking a 16.6 percent increase from P18.4 billion from 2011. Century Properties is scheduled to complete and turn over several projects in 2013, including Gramercy Residences and the Knightsbridge Residences , which have over 1,400 units and 1,300 units, respectively. The first three towers of the 7-tower Azure Urban Resort Residences in the Bicutan/Parañaque area will also be finished, with a total of 1,889 units of ready for occupancy this year. 

Century Properties reported revenues of P7.2 billion in 2012--more than doubling its 2011 revenues of P3.5 billion--because of robust sales for its real estate developments. By the end of 2012, the company completed work on 21 condominium towers (5,560 units) with a total gross floor area of 669,857 sq m.

Projects of Century Properties

Click on any of the thumbnails to view the project

Century Spire   Makati City
Century Spire
Trump Tower   Makati City
Trump Tower
360 °
Grand Soho Makati   Makati City
Grand Soho Makati
360 °
The Peak Tower   Makati City
The Peak Tower
Acqua Private Residences   Mandaluyong
Acqua Private Residences
360 °
South of Market   Taguig City
South of Market
360 °
The Gramercy Residences   Makati City
The Gramercy Residences
The Milano Residences   Makati City
The Milano Residences
360 °
West of Ayala   Makati City
West of Ayala
360 °
Westgate Plaza   Makati City
Westgate Plaza
360 °
Essensa East Forbes   Taguig City
Essensa East Forbes
Azure Urban Resort Residences   Paranaque City
Azure Urban Resort Residences
360 °
Knightsbridge Residences   Makati City
Knightsbridge Residences
Azure North   San Fernando
Azure North
360 °
Le Metropole   Makati City
Le Metropole
Soho Central   Mandaluyong
Soho Central
360 °
Bel Air Soho   Makati City
Bel Air Soho
Canyon Ranch   Carmona
Canyon Ranch

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