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Townhouse for Sale in San Juan City: 17 units found

Welcome to the Heart of Metro Manila

The Great City of San Juan is considered the smallest city in the Philippines in terms of land area. Yet, no one can deny its contribution to the country's history and economy. Indeed, its size gives additional advantage since there is a smaller space to govern and manage. A former village during the pre-Spanish era, the city has now become a highly-urbanized metropolis.

It is comprised of 21 barangays including the residential communities of Addition Hills, Greenhills, and West Crame. This is home to specialized schools including Operation Brotherhood (OB) Montessori Center and Xavier School, a private Catholic school for boys. Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine, a historic landmark in San Juan, marks the first battle of the Katipuneros or the 1896 battle of the Philippine Revolution.

Live in this Historic and Fun Community

Literally shaped like a heart, this lively locality is an awesome place to call home amidst the busy city life. Indeed, its residents are proud to say they live here. The patriotism and localism of its residents are two distinct and exemplary personalities of San Juaneños, as the denizens of the city are called.

Unofficially, it is regarded as the "Town of Philippine presidents" given that four former presidents of the country were residents prior to their election to office including Ferdinand Marcos, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Diosdado Macapagal Sr., and Joseph Estrada. The latter also served as a mayor when it was still considered a municipality.

Touted as the Tiangge Capital of the Philippines, San Juan City is home to Greenhills Shopping Center. It is the premier shopping, entertainment, and dining destination in Metro Manila. This complex features over 2,000 retail stores in a distinctive indoor and outdoor setting. Some of the places of interest here include the Greenhills Theater Mall and Promenade, Teatrino, Music Museum, and Shoppesville Plus.

Invest in a Townhouse for Sale in San Juan

The comfort and convenience one can attain when living in a townhouse are two primary reasons why many millennials and families choose to live in this type of home in the Philippines. Targeting a more high-end market are real estate developers including San Miguel Properties' Dover Hill, Anchor Realty's Anchor Residence, and Rockwell Land's The Alvendia by Rockwell.

But you can purchase a townhouse with three- to four- bedroom property in San Juan for an affordable price and will fit your budget of P7 million below. One developer who offers this kind of properties includes Trans-Phil Land Corporation, with their projects namely G. Plana Townhomes and A. Bonifacio Townhomes.

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