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Home > Developers > Rockwell Land

About Rockwell Land

Established in 1995, Rockwell Land Corporation is co-owned by Manila Electric Company (Meralco) and First Holdings. The developer's first project was the Rockwell Center, a 15.5 hectare residential and commercial lot in Makati City that was the original site of the Meralco-owned Rockwell thermal plant, which got its name from James Chapman Rockwell, Meralco’s first president. 

Today, Rockwell Center is composed of several high-rise residential condominium communities, a sports and leisure club, a shopping mall, office structures and a graduate school of law and business. 

 With almost 20 years of experience, Rockwell Land makes it a point to build “calamity-proof” structures based on 100-year flood cycle plans. In fact, during the recent typhoons that hit the Philippines, Rockwell's completed projects (Rockwell Center-West and East Block Towers, The Power Plant Mall and the Rockwell Business Center) and ongoing developments (205 Santolan by Rockwell, Edades Tower and Garden Villas and The Grove by Rockwell) remained flood-free despite heavy rains. 

 Among Rockwell Land's finished projects are master-planned private enclaves that are--appropriately enough--named after Filipino icons. They are Amorsolo Square, Luna Gardens, Rizal Tower—Rockwell Center, Hidalgo Place and The Manansala. 

Its most recent project is Proscenium in Makati City. Located on a 3.6-hectare space that used to be the location of Colgate-Palmolive Philippines's headquarters, this development will house five towers designed by Carlos Ott, a celebrated architect famous for designing Opera de la Bastille in Paris and The National Bank of Dubai in United Arab Emirates. With fewer units per floor, Proscenium offers residents the ultimate luxury of privacy. It will also feature a performing arts theater, making it a hub of culture, refinement and sophistication.

Projects of Rockwell Land

Click on any of the thumbnails to view the project

360 °
The Grove By Rockwell   Pasig City
The Grove By Rockwell
32 Sanson   Cebu City
32 Sanson
205 Santolan   Quezon City
205 Santolan
360 °
The Proscenium Lorraine   Makati City
The Proscenium Lorraine
360 °
The Proscenium Residences   Makati City
The Proscenium Residences
360 °
The Proscenium Lincoln   Makati City
The Proscenium Lincoln
360 °
The Proscenium Sakura   Makati City
The Proscenium Sakura
360 °
The Proscenium Kirov   Makati City
The Proscenium Kirov
360 °
Luna Gardens   Makati City
Luna Gardens
360 °
Amorsolo Square   Makati City
Amorsolo Square
360 °
The Manansala   Makati City
The Manansala
360 °
Joya Lofts and Towers   Makati City
Joya Lofts and Towers
360 °
One Rockwell   Makati City
One Rockwell
360 °
Edades Tower and Garden Villas   Makati City
Edades Tower and Garden Villas
The Alvendia by Rockwell   San Juan City
The Alvendia by Rockwell
360 °
Rizal Tower   Makati City
Rizal Tower
360 °
Hidalgo Place   Makati City
Hidalgo Place