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Davao City: Mindanao's Crown Jewel

Located between Davao Gulf and Mount Apo, Davao City is known for its majestic scenery, fresh air, and progressive economy. With a total land area of over 2,400 square kilometers, Davao City is the largest in the Philippines. It is the economic, commercial, and industrial center of Mindanao and is also considered the island's educational capital. Davao City is known for its efficient public service, safety, and progressive outlook towards governance. Thus, it has been named the most outstanding city in the Philippines multiple times.

City Between the Mountains and the Gulf

With over 1,600,000 residents, Davao City is also Mindanao's largest city in terms of population. Much of this can be attributed to the presence of large companies that engage in trade and manufacturing. Davao City is also the administrative center for much of Southern Mindanao; thus, many government agencies have their regional offices there.

The development of modern Davao City started with the establishment of large plantations during the American period. Faced with a labor shortage, agricultural companies brought in laborers from all over the country. Japanese laborers were also brought in to help build roads and other infrastructure. Today, you can hear a babble of languages when you walk Davao's busy streets.

At present, Davao is renowned for its efficient urban planning and environment-friendly approach to development. Some of the attractions in Davao City include Mount Apo, the highest in the country; Malagos Garden Resort; and Crocodile Park. Urbanites will also enjoy the shiny and new shopping malls that have been built throughout the area, such as SM Lanang Premiere, Abreeza, and Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Buying a House in Davao City

For such a progressive area, house prices are actually quite reasonable in Davao City. Aside from enjoying the 24/7 security for which the city is known, many subdivisions offer access to recreational facilities and schools. You could find a house for any sort of budget, starting from P450,000 to as high as P48 million for a five-bedroom house in the affluent Monteritz Classic Estates.


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