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House And Lot for Sale in Rizal: 110 units found

Rizal – Panoramic View of the Province

Surrounded by mountainous landscapes and splendid lake views, Rizal offers you a panoramic view of its beauty as a province. Named after the national hero of the Philippines, Rizal is not just a historical place after World War II. It has now slowly and surely evolved into a tourist-worthy province destination.

Settle for good, buy a house for sale, and marvel at the splendor that this province can offer.

A Charming Province near the Metropolis

From nature to man-made wonders, the exquisite charm and appeal of Rizal lure in the tourists from all over the country. Independent yuppies looking a retreat after their 9-5 grind can take their escape at this province as it owes proximity to the busy Metro Manila. Houses for sale are skyrocketing as the dense population and urban growth of the metropolis sprawls onto the province.

Premium Investment at Rizal

For as low as P4.9 to a grandiose P160 million, houses for sale at Rizal caters to the middle and upper class markets. If you are looking for an affordable but premium investment, then Rizal houses some of the most notable real estate developers.

Included of which are Zuri Residences by Axeia Group of Companies, Eastview Homes 3 by Tradition Homes Project Managers & Development Inc., Maia Alta by Crown Asia, St. Alexandra Estates by Avida, Forest Ridge by Northpine Land Inc., Cottonwoods Heights by Crown Asia, St. Gabriel Heights by Avida, Mahogany Fairways Villas by Modern Dwellings, Mille Luce by Crown Asia, and Metro Manila Hills Isabel Terraces by New San Jose Builders Inc.

Whether you are leaning more onto the traditional style of houses, or you are enticed more by the beauty of white cube edged with straight modern lines, the charm of this province alone is sure to strike a chord in your heart.


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