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House And Lot for Sale in Paranaque City: 124 units found

Parañaque – In the Middle of Two Bays

With a long history as a residential area, Parañaque has also become home to some of the country's largest industrial and business operations. With its location between Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay, the city is a trade route between Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces.

The city is accessible from many different points; many choose to take the Baclaran route from Cavite, while others pass by the Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX) on their way to Laguna and Batangas . It is also the Philippines' largest aviation hubs as Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is within the city's jurisdiction.

Living, Working, and Playing in Parañaque

Parañaque is a city with a long history. It was a fishing port during pre-Spanish times and was a popular pilgrimage town, with the image of the Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso drawing devotees from all over the islands. During the American period, the first few factories were built in Sucat. The area beside the bay became home to some of the country's most prominent families, many of whom wished to take advantage of the cool sea breezes and quiet environment. Many of these stately homes have been replaced with markets and condominiums, but newer subdivisions further inland have become the city's largest residential centers. BF Homes Parañaque, for instance, is one of the largest subdivisions in Asia, while other subdivisions such as Merville and Better Living continue to attract middle-class residents.

This can be explained by the city's status as an industrial and commercial center. Parañaque is home to at three SM Supermalls, with SM Mall of Asia, one of the country's largest, just a short drive away. Light and medium industries dominate the landscape of the eastern side of the city, and the SLEX serves as the main conduit for motorists and commuters going to and from the factories south of Metro Manila.

The district of Baclaran, close to the border with Pasay, is an important trading center, thanks to the presence of the 9,000-capacity Perpetual Help Shrine, also known as Baclaran Church. Nature-lovers can go birdwatching in Freedom Island, a few meters off the city's Manila Bay shore, and motor enthusiasts can enjoy motocross in Speedworld Park in Barangay Don Bosco.

Buying a House in Parañaque

With its many subdivisions, it is very easy to find a house in Parañaque. Prices range from P1.8 million to P65 million, and most of these houses are located in secure, well-lit villages with complete amenities. With the city growing very fast, it's advisable to buy a house in Parañaque now.


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