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Condominium for Sale in San Juan City: 57 units found

San Juan City: The Lap of Luxury

Despite its small size, San Juan City is home to a sizable number of business establishments, shopping malls, exclusive schools, and exclusive villages. Many of its residents are drawn to its location in the heart of Metro Manila, just a few minutes' drive from Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati, and Manila. San Juan City's location makes it one of the most desirable addresses in the metropolis.

Historic Town

The city government has proclaimed San Juan a "historic town", as inscribed on the boundary marker in Greenhills Shopping Center. The old town was the site of the first battle of the Philippine Revolution; while Filipino forces lost the battle decisively, it served as the catalyst for the eventual spread of the revolt. Closer to the present, Club Filipino in Greenhills was the site of Corazon Aquino's inauguration as President in 1986, the culmination of the peaceful People Power Revolution.

Today, remnants of the town's pivotal role in Philippine history are still remarkably preserved. San Juan City has two old churches built during the Spanish colonial period, while the depot that once held the Spanish troops' ammunition supply has been turned into a public park. This rich history coexists with modern highways, tall skyscrapers, and a revitalized shopping district.

The enclave of Greenhills, in particular, is known for its shopping malls and flea markets. From designer goods to homegrown produce, Greenhills Shopping Center has everything you might need. With the presence of the Music Museum and Promenade Mall, world-class entertainment is at your reach.

Buying a Condo in San Juan City

Due to the scarcity of land in San Juan City, developers have decided to expand vertically. Condominium construction is in full swing, and there is no scarcity of units ready for occupancy. Prices range from P2.6 million to P20.8 million; many of these condo units can be found in such exclusive addresses as Little Baguio Terraces, Strata Suites 300, Aurora Gardens, and Tiffany Mansions.


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