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Manila: The Center of Everything

Touted as the "The Pearl of the Orient," the City of Manila has a long history of colonization. The arrival of Spanish colonizers, who ruled the land for over 300 years, saw the transformation of the once quaint settlement. Intramuros, also considered as the Old Manila, was home to the Spaniards.

In the late 1800s, the Americans gained control of the city. Under their government, new infrastructures (buildings, bridges, and roads) were built. The Filipinos were also taught the English language, giving them the competitive edge in the modern times.

Today, the small town of Maynilad is considered one of the centers of politics, economy and trade in the country. It is comprised of 16 administrative districts including Binondo, the world's oldest Chinatown. Also found in Manila are different schools and universities, medical facilities, and business establishments.

Keep Coming Back to Fun

It is more fun in the capital of the Philippines! Featuring historical sites side by side with modern convenience, one will certainly delight in the treasures that will be discovered in this vibrant city. Manila is home to a myriad of popular tourist landmarks and attractions.

Those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city living will find their groove in Manila. The fast-paced and lively atmosphere is perfect for the millennial urbanites looking to settle down and purchase their dream home in the city.

Manila wonderfully marries the old and the new, providing the city with an interesting nightlife and leisure scene. Residents and visitors alike are treated to a wide selection of affordable destinations including historical sites, hipster restaurants, and funky bars.

Quality Townhouse for Sale in Manila

The busy neighborhood of Manila offers homebuyers different types of real estate property in the Philippines including a townhouse. An ideal home for starter families and retirees, a townhouse shares a wall with its neighbor. The good thing about buying a townhouse for sale in Manila is that it is less expensive than a house and lot. A townhome also offers a larger space compared to more high-end residential buildings.

Sampaloc, Malate, and Sta. Ana are districts in Manila where homebuyers can buy a townhouse at around P5 million or less, depending on the type of furnishing also available. For this price, one can already own a three- to four-bedroom property in Syquia Townhomes or Revellin Townhomes, both developed by Trans-Phil Land Corporation.

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