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Townhouse for Sale in Las Pinas City: 18 units found

Las Piñas City: Relaxed Living by the Sea

Because of its location on the outskirts of Metro Manila, Las Piñas City is considered the ideal residential address for those working in the South. It features a mix of modern roads, schools, and shopping areas, while preserving its historic and cultural character. All of these are often found within kilometers of each other, making Las Piñas City one of the best cities for those starting a family.

City of Subdivisions

Before it became known for its many private subdivisions, Las Piñas City was first and foremost as fishing and salt-making town. Manila Bay was the primary source of the old town's wealth; salt evaporated from the bay's waters was used to preserve fish caught in the bay itself. Soon, Las Piñas became known as a trade center for Manila and the surrounding provinces.

Because of its prosperity, many prominent families settled in Las Piñas, built large houses, and helped fund the construction of the old church and its gigantic Bamboo Organ. The old houses and the church now form part of the town's historic corridor, to which tourists flock yearly to see the Bamboo Organ for themselves.

In the late 20th century, property developers started building subdivisions in what were formerly rice fields. These subdivisions include BF Resort Village, Pilar Village, Airmen Village, and Moonwalk Subdivision. Many of these gated communities are served by private schools and hospitals, such as Southville International School, the University of Perpetual Help, St. Francis of Assisi College, and the Las Piñas Medical Center.

Buying a Townhouse in Las Piñas City

It has never been easier to buy a townhouse in Las Piñas City. Anticipating heavy demand for residences, real-estate developers have built rows of townhouses of every conceivable size. These townhouses are available for as low as P1.4 million to P9.7 million, and are located mostly in areas with round-the-clock security and access to recreational facilities, including community parks and clubhouses.


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