Home Buying Tips

Pet-Friendly Homes: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Home Buying

When buying a new home, you need to consider the needs of all of the members of your household, including your furry companion. Pets are family members too, and also have needs in a home. If you are keeping a dog, cat, or other pets as domesticated companions, you are most likely considering their needs […]

How to Actually Afford a Home in Time of COVID

Buying a condo, a townhouse, or a house and lot in these uncertain times require discipline and laser-sharp focus. The pandemic has, in a way, forced the majority of us to shift priorities. And as such, certain lifelong plans may have been put on pause, especially those that involve time, patience, and money. For people […]

Plan Buying a Home With These Goal-Moving Tips

A life-changing decision requires a good plan to make it a reality. Here are steps on how to start planning on buying your home. Planning not only prepares you to the time-consuming process of homebuying, it also eases out any worries as you meet every milestone towards ownership. Are you ready to buy a home? […]

Home Buying 101: Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right House


Top 15 Affordable Neighborhoods in Metro Manila for First-Time Property Investors

If you're planning to invest in real estate for the first time, consider getting an affordable property with the shortest payback period.

The Most Affordable Places to Buy Property in Metro Manila for 2017

ZipMatch’s Data Science team has analyzed property data on the website and came up with a ranking of the most budget friendly districts in Metro Manila in 2017.

Why Rental Yield is Important When Buying or Selling a Property

Any real estate broker or agent will often tell you that the best property investment highly depends on the property’s rental yield. Having knowledge of rental yields will give you a good idea of how quickly you can recover or make profit from the money you’ll invest.

How to Buy Property Faster with the Help of Technology

There are actually new ways you can cut through the homebuying process and purchase a property faster.

11 Ways to Spot a Well-Made Condo

It’s not always easy to spot, but one can easily learn the key aspects of a well-made condo.

Renting An Apartment or Condo in the Philippines – The ZipMatch Guide

If you find yourself looking to rent an apartment or condo and you need to find it ASAP, take a deep breath. Check out our digestible guide!