8 Secrets to Success: How to Build Healthy Client Relationships

A business without a solid client base is like an old building that could collapse at any time. In the long run, you won’t be able to reach as far or be as successful as you want if you don’t develop effective client relationships from the start. Consider it this way: Maria is a client […]

How the Pandemic Shifted the Role of Licensed Brokers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries across the globe and forced thousands of businesses to close permanently. Sadly, the real estate sector isn’t exempt from the devastating impact of this ongoing health crisis. Since it thrives from in-person interactions, the pandemic changed and rocked the real estate industry from all angles. But what does […]

Best Social Media Practices In 2021 That Real Estate Professionals Should Know


Having an Effective Customer Service in the Real Estate Industry

When you venture into the real estate industry, you need to arm yourself with a great deal of patience and the ability to deal with different kinds of people. Since all agents and real estate firms have identical product offerings, you need to stand out to gain leverage. But how do you do that? You […]

If You Are a Real Estate Broker, You Need to Level up Your Game

As technology further advances, everyone must keep up – mostly, those whose careers rely on person-to-person transactions.

3 Things I Learned in Real Estate from Rockwell Land

Like me, there are hundreds of thousands of aspiring real estate professionals who try, succeed, fail, stay or go. Let me share with you the 3 most important things I learned from this now public company.

Thought Leader: Steven Zwaan on Affordable Rental Housing for Young Professionals

Steven Zwaan co-founded PULS with this goal in mind: to provide quality and affordable rental housing for young professionals working near the central business districts in Metro Manila.

Thought Leader: Mike Jugo on the Rise in Demand for Mixed-Use Estate

Ayala Land's sales head Mike Jugo talks about the need to build mixed-use estate to satisfy the ever evolving lifestyle and needs of homeseekers.

How This Real Estate Pro Sold a P4.4-M House and Lot Without Flyering

Real estate pro Cathleen Manipon used to rely mainly on flyering to get leads, but now, the game has changed and so has she.

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There is definitely no stopping DMCI sales manager Mark Abulo from taking his team to the top. Find out what his secret weapon is.