Intrusion is a common concern especially in urban areas in the Philippines. In fact, with rising crime statistics, more and more consumers are beginning to invest in home security systems.

In a recent survey conducted by Numbeo, 66.02% of respondents fear intruders breaking into their homes. In 2012 alone, NSO and other government and private agencies reported a total of 26,988 robberies. And in 2013, theft, physical assault, and robbery were the top three most common crimes reported to local authorities.

Although having a neighborhood watch program, well-lighted streets, awareness seminars, and a national emergency number can help reduce the prevalence of hazards and other unforeseen emergencies, with a security system installed in your home, you can be alerted immediately once a threat has been detected.

What are the advantages of having a home security system?

A good home security system does more than just guard the perimeter of your house and ward off intruders. Today’s modern technology allows alarm systems to not only detect a problem but also contact the proper authorities even if you are not home. This is because most systems have components like sensors, alarms, and a direct connection to emergency personnel.

Although somewhat costly, knowing that your home is protected is one of the biggest benefits of having a home security system. After all, you cannot put a price tag on your family’s safety.

What are the different kinds of electronic security systems?

With a security system in your home, you and your family are provided with a level of protection. But before investing in one, it is important to know which kind you are likely to benefit from.

1. Burglar alarms

Place this unnoticeable alarm in a strategic place that will instantly alert you of intrusion.

A burglar alarm is a simple electronic device that is able to detect movements should there be an unauthorized entry. This kind of security system uses a magnetic sensor to transmit signals to the control box, which triggers the alarm once an intruder steps inside the home through the door or a window.

2. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras

This dome CCTV is one kind of security camera you can use in your homes.

A commonly used surveillance system in the Philippines today is the CCTV, a covert video system that uses a video camera to monitor and record events for a limited number of viewers. Although initially developed for banks and businesses, more and more consumers today are investing in CCTVs for their home, primarily to see what goes on in the house when they are away.

3. Fire safety devices

Smoke detectors can immediately alert your family to a fire and prevent related injuries.

Fire accidents are a common occurrence in many residential properties. Having a properly installed and maintained smoke alarm in your home can help prevent fire from happening, as this kind of home security system is able to automatically detect any presence of smoke before it becomes life threatening.

Often powered by a single disposable battery or by the home’s electrical system, smoke detectors are constantly scanning for fire and smoke on a 24/7 basis. Aside from the audible and flashing visual alarm are fire sprinklers in case of an emergency.

4. Home intercommunication systems

Installing intercoms lets you check out who your visitors are and prevent unknown people from entering immediately.

An intercom (intercommunication device) or door phone is a communications system often used in residential buildings. This paging device allows residents to identify their guests in the lobby either through phone or camera.

Although commonly seen in condominiums and apartment rentals, intercoms are also used in large homes as a convenient way of speaking to other family members.

5. Electronic locking systems

Losing house keys and struggling to open doors is a thing of the past with electronic locks.

An electric lock is a home security device that operates using electronic locking agents. Unlike mechanical locking cylinders that use keys, electric locks are often stand-alone. By entering mental codes, users can access or leave the house without the need for a key. Different users can also have different codes.

6. Automatic gate systems

Automatic gates are efficient to use specially for family members who go home at different hours.

Automatic gate systems are gaining popularity in many high-end residences today, as this kind of security system is convenient and easy to use. With its automatic open and close features, users no longer have to get out of the car or bother a family member to open the gate, and disturb neighbors with the car’s honking.

The system’s added accessories also allow users to identity their guests via a telephone interface, and let visitors in using an automated keypad entry system.

What should you choose?

Every property has its own specific safety needs. As such, it is important to know how each home security alarms work. This will help you determine which is most suitable for your home. Indeed, investing in home security systems can help protect your home and family for years to come. Seek the expertise of a licensed alarm installer, so that he or she can suggest the most ideal set-up for your home.

What other things should a homeowner know about security systems? We gladly welcome your opinions and suggestions. Do leave our experts a message in the comment box below.

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