“Bumukod ka na.” How many times have you heard this advice from well-meaning friends and relatives when they discover that you’re still living with your family – and by family, it could be not just your parents but also your grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews as well?

Don’t get me wrong – living independently is great. In an ideal world, everyone should have the chance to experience it. But if your circumstances prevent you from doing so and you’re still in the home you grew up with, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It can be very practical and very enriching. Here are our top reasons why it’s not such a bad thing.

1. Two words: No Rent!

Living with your family can save you from rental fees, which you could re-allocate for other important things such as insurance policies, investments, your child’s education, or even your own (i.e., a master’s degree). Knowing that there’s one less thing to budget for can make your finances even more manageable.

2. When it comes to bills payments, more heads are always better.

Speaking of finances, utility bills, groceries, and maintenance fees can be divided among more family members, so it’s more affordable in the long run.


3. Care giving is a shared responsibility.

Instead of relying on hired help to look after small children when both parents are at work, healthy and able grandparents can do it – and isn’t it so much better if the little ones are with people you know and trust?

On the other hand, the younger adults can take turns caring for ageing family members who have special needs.

4. Family members from different generations can learn from each other.

What was it like living during World War II? How did people dress up in the 70s? What was courtship like back in the day? What is Snapchat? How does one use Skype? What does LOL mean? Family members from different generations who live together enrich each other’s lives by sharing their experiences and knowledge.


5. There’s always a solid support system available.

I’ve come upon this quote: “Cousins are childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.” This is true, and I think it doesn’t just apply to cousins. Family members are your first line of defense against stress, sadness, and disappointment. Knowing that they’re around and you can reach them 24/7 can make you feel better in an instant.

Of course family members have different personalities and the secret to living harmoniously is to stay in a home with enough space to give each family member privacy and comfort.

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