Condominiums for sale in the Philippines are fast becoming the new residential option for many Filipino families, single professionals, starting couples, and even retirees especially those living in the city. As a result of different people having their own lifestyles and coming from diverse backgrounds, there are concerns that come up and cause tension among residents.

As a responsible condominium dweller, you can do something to avoid bad blood with your neighbors and even the property management. The secret is to follow the Golden Rule:

Do to others what you would have done to you.

Here are the most important times when this tenet should be applied when living in a condo.

1. Do respect pet policies at all times.

Keep in mind that even if your condo is pet-friendly, restrictions are still in place to respect the boundaries of those who are allergic to animal furs or simply those who don’t like keeping one. Make sure your pet is house trained and really fit the condo lifestyle so it won’t be bothersome. Don’t forget to register your pet and pay the appropriate registration fees so it can be accounted for properly.

2. Do tell your guests to check in with the reception before coming up.

Security is an essential factor why many people prefer to live in a high-rise building with a concierge and guard. Brief your visitors about your condo’s policy regarding visiting requirements and make sure they leave the appropriate identification, if needed.

3. Do remember that the building personnel or security are not your slave.

If you need something to be done that requires their assistance, ask in a nice way and don’t act high and mighty. Remember, they do their best to make sure you live in a comfortable environment without having to lift a finger.

You know what would be nicer? Show your appreciation to every building personnel by saying “Thank you! every time you have the chance: to the doorman who opens the door as soon as you reach the landing, to the one who operates the elevator, and even to the cleaning crew who maintains the cleanliness of the common areas.

4. Do follow elevator etiquette.

Living in a high-rise building more or less requires the use of elevator. And since this enclosed, shared space is every building tenant’s ride to their respective units, you should showcase decorum when using it. Here are some of the things you should do when elevator-pooling:

  • If you are living on one of the top floors, move back and make room for others to come in since you’ll be getting out last.
  • Sometimes elevator time can take forever. If you see someone rushing in to the elevator, hold and wait for them to get in.
  • Don’t be noisy (Not all people would appreciate you belting out a song and singing along loudly with whatever is on in your playlist.)
  • If you have a lot of baggage, make sure they aren’t scattered and blocking the elevator entrance/exit.

5. Do dispose your garbage properly.

Some condominium developments have a garbage chute, while others have someone collect it within a specific time of the day. Whether your building uses the first or the latter, it is important that you tightly wrap your waste bag so that it won’t unexpectedly open and scatter the litter. But if the garbage is collected daily, make sure to put out the trash within the collection time.

6. Do pay your association dues on time.

Association dues is a recurring fee that every condo dweller needs to pay. It is payment for building personnel services, upkeep of common areas, and the overall management of a condo project. Make sure that you pay it on time to avoid penalties and being banned from accessing the building’s amenities and facilities.

7. Do park your vehicle properly.

Many condominium projects have limited parking space. So whether you have your own parking slot and especially renting a common parking area, park only where your vehicle should be.

Don’t be that person who scouts for and uses empty slots without asking for permission from the management office, thinking that they can get away with it. Know where the right parking space is located for you or your guest if you’re going to rent.

8. Do be considerate of your fellow condo tenant.

Living in a place where walls are shared means keeping the noise down. Whether it’s conversing with someone, watching television, listening to music, arranging furniture, or doing other activity, make sure you won’t disturb your next door neighbor.

9. Do maintain the common areas.

While condominiums are maintained by a property management, it doesn’t mean you won’t do your share in keeping your shared space neat and pleasing to the eyes. Your responsibility as a tenant includes not littering, deliberately damaging the facilities, and not destroying any part of the building.

Following the golden rule should also be applied in a bigger setting. Check out how you can be a responsible homeowner in Metro Manila.

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