In every Filipino dream, there is that aspiration of owning a house and lot in the Philippines. Other people are looking into condominiums since it offers more modern conveniences. Aside from it being a major sign of financial stability, buying your house and lot or condo via a financing scheme with the bank, a government housing fund, or the developer is cheaper and affordable for many Filipinos, especially for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

But have you considered investing in a townhouse? In the latest consumer study of real estate developer Trans-Phil Land Corporation, the data revealed that a growing demographic of Pinoys see a townhouse for sale as a better investment. The study showed that around 80% of those who are into townhomes are at ages 35-45 years and are in starter to growing families.

What makes a townhouse appealing to these group of Filipino homebuyers aside from house and lots or condos for sale? Here are 9 reasons why:

1. You are basically paying for a house and lot for sale.

G Plana Townhouse

Historically, townhouses have been an answer to homebuyers who are looking beyond a condominium to a single-family house and lot for sale. They usually mimic semi-detached houses that are attached in a multi-unit housing complex. They have their own outside door (and sometimes, outdoor mud area), and have multiple floor levels.

2. Townhouses are usually situated in prime locations.

new york townhouse
The most expensive townhouse of 2014 is located in the upper side of New York
(Image source: Google Street View)

Because they only take a small footprint of real estate, you can find most of these townhouses for sale in urban or densely-populated areas in Metro Manila.

3. It comes with ample, hassle-free parking space.

parking space

Townhouses often come with parking space, and without the additional fees or separate property titles like in condos.

4. You get more square footage for a lot less money.

townhouse living room
A townhouse evokes wide, open spaces the moment to step into the unit.

townhouse kitchen
This kitchen in a model townhouse unit is begging for an island and a shelf to put up Mommy’s precious dinnerware.

townhouse bedroom
The rooms in townhouses have bigger cuts compared to condo units for sale. As such, you can easily fit your bed frame and side tables and still have ample space.

5. There are a lot of visual and interior design opportunities.

home design
Your lola’s beloved papag could be given new life as a centerpiece of your second-floor receiving area, like this one at a Cagayan Townhouse unit, complete with fancy throw pillows and a standalone lamp.
You can have your very own lanai simply by dressing up your outdoor space with patio furniture and accents to improve unsightly areas of your room, like wispy curtains.

You can get more design inspirations from the extra space you’ll get from owning a townhouse here.

6. Your property appeal is being taken cared of by a home association.

Typically, the common places within the land where the townhomes complex is built is owned jointly by a corporation of individual owners. This means that any changes to the common areas of the townhomes complex, like its corridors, landscaped areas, building structure, and other amenities as dictated in the association rules and regulations, should need the consensus of the homeowners. Otherwise, the townhouse units inside the complex are each owned and are of the responsibility by the individual homeowners.

7. Your neighbors are your own additional home security.

Townhouse developments are often located in gated complex and employ security services through their association. But your neighbors can also be your extra form of security (especially when you’re good friends with them), as the only thing that separates you and your neighbors are the walls. In addition, residents can become familiar with each other’s faces over time.

8. Townhouses have more privacy.

g plana townhomes
This is an actual photo of the facade of Trans Phil’s G. Plana Townhomes for sale in San Juan.
(Image source:

Because the townhouses are designed to have separate outside doors, they do not share a single interior hallway or a balcony-style walkway like in condos. As such, homeowners are allowed to conduct their own business at home without needing to give away clues (ex. grocery or retail shopping bags, mail or package delivery).

9. Project turnover is more faster than other real estate developments.

mangga townhomes
This is an actual photo of Mangga Townhomes Sta. Mesa upon turnover.
(Image source: Photo courtesy of

A townhouse complex can be made up of as small as two units to as large as 13 units. Because townhouse complexes have fewer units to build as compared to condominium developments or subdivisions, the real estate turnover is ideally shorter.

Looking to buy or rent a new townhouse in Manila or San Juan? Start your smart search here.

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  • Antonio Balgos

    Hi. What type of title does one get when buying a townhouse? Is it a TCT or a CCT, or something else?

  • Antonio Balgos

    Hi. I’m still waiting for an answer to my query: What type of title does one get in buying a townhouse? Is it a TCT, a CCT, or something else? Thanks, will appreciate your, or anyone else’s, response.

    • zipmatch

      Hi Antonio, thanks for reaching out. If you’re planning to purchase a townhouse, the title would be TCT.

      • Antonio Balgos

        Thank you.