Engaging with your entire network of clients, and not just with the responsive few, is important in the real estate industry. As closing a single sale could take months or even years to happen, you cannot afford to disregard a client simply because he or she is unresponsive to your emails, calls or texts.

ZipMatch co-founder and CRO Chow Paredes, who is a nine-year Philippine real estate veteran, sums up in an interview on why unresponsive clients still need to be given service:

There’s value to every client, especially when you’re selling real estate. They can come back to you for referrals or to sell their properties… If they consistently see that as a broker and as a licensed professional, you’re there along the way, they will always remember you and come back to you.

#relationshipgoals Achieved

So what are these “relationship goals” real estate professionals should strive for? We asked real estate brokers and sales agents who use ZipMatch to share their client relationship milestones:

1. Successfully anticipate clients’ wants and needs

“Getting clients who have an interest or are open to real estate investing is hard enough before…ZipMatch helps me have more prospects in where the interest is already there. All I need to do is ask for their desires, their needs, match them with the right properties for sale, and make them an offer according to their needs. It is just up to you to deliver what they wanted.”

– Mark Francisco (Ayala Land Premier)

I always update my ZipMatch CRM (customer relationship management) tool, and it really helps updating the comment box so I’ll know what my last transaction with the client was. I usually forget what my last transaction is when there’s too many clients.”

– Paolo Miguel Cedeno (Empire East Land Holdings, Inc)

2. Maintain clear, constant communication

“Having a CRM improved my performance and network in terms of our advertising projects. It helps me remember the homebuying status of each client so I can touch base with each and every one of them, even if some don’t respond.”

– Tristan Junio (Robinsons Land)

“The support that we get from ZipMatch is highly commendable, because I am able to check each client from time to time. Using the CRM, we track each client on what, when and how we will be able to close and we can put notes or comments on each.”

– Laurence Matthew T. de Castro (Elanvital Enclaves, Inc)

3. Deliver appropriate services and tools

“ZipMatch CRM has been an accurate tool for modern real estate selling today as leads to more qualified and positive prospects while enabling me to provide service to clients who are not interested.”

– Katrina Cruz (Robinsons Land)

I learned how to get the specifics of a client’s requirements coming from a different business point of view as opposed to doing a direct sales inquiry, therefore giving them the service they wanted.”

– Michael George Fernandez (Century Properties)

4. Motivate clients to move up to the next homebuying stage

“ZipMatch has enabled me to reach out to a broader clientele for the projects that we’re marketing. The CRM in particular has also been a big help. The CRM kept things organized and I can see how it is guiding brokers accordingly through each step in the sales process.”

– Joey Petrasanta (Megaworld)

5. Build a quality referral network

I got more sales pipelines through ZipMatch. Having Zipmatch plus other sales activities improved my chances of broadening my client base.”

– Eduard Gentizon (Avida Land)

Always nurture your relationship with your clients. Learn how to connect with them well using ZipMatch’s ProFile Plus.

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