Flyering is considered one of the many marketing tools an entrepreneur can use to drum up buzz for his business. Licensed Guerrilla Marketing trainer Emi Pascual told that flyering is effective under certain conditions. But the time, energy, information, money, and effort spent on this marketing strategy would often leave entrepreneurs wonder whether flyering is effective.

We’ve all experienced being handed a colorful flyer about a new condominium project from a smart-looking real estate agent in a mall. We challenged John (ZipMatch Chief Executive Officer), Chow (ZipMatch Chief Revenue Officer) and Kyle (Chief Technology Officer) to participate in our social experiment held at two of the most busiest areas in Bonifacio Global City – Market! Market! and Serendra.

The three managed to score a couple of leads after an hour of flyering. The camera, however, managed to capture something else: five real emotions of a real estate agent while flyering.

1. Optimistic

optimistic chow optimistic john

Flyering is not just about handing out flyers to random people. You try to get their interest in under ten to fifteen seconds and hope to engage them in a conversation about making a future investment or getting a new home.

2. Rejected

john fail embarrassed kyle

The first couple of rejections are easy, but it gets harder and harder as time passes. This emotion gets amplified when passerbys make known that they are not truly interested, with some coming up with weird excuses.

3. Determined

chow score john win

After so many rejections, our undercover agents changed tactics. They either lock gazes with customers, turn on their charms or catchphrases, or flash their winning smiles. Chow and John were able to get one lead each later in the hour.

4. Frustrated

kyle why

According to this infographic by, the advantage of flyering is that it leads to immediate engagement with a prospective customer that could lead to a quick sale.

As the hour comes up, all three are getting frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm from prospective customers. At this point, Kyle is questioning the effectiveness of flyering. Kyle, who has developed an efficient process in getting online leads via ZipMatch, has yet to score a single one in this experiment.

5. Resignation

determined john

Because of marketing opportunities in smartphones and mobile devices and people’s preference in online shopping, getting leads online has surpassed real estate traditional methods like flyering. For example, 0.5% or 4 of every 2000 leads actually buys a home, based on ZipMatch estimates.

After the social experiment, John, Chow and Kyle agreed that flyering is hard work, considering the need for a real estate agent to get as many leads as possible in order to get a single sale.

Check out the trio in action in the following video below:

Do you think John, Chow and Kyle could have done better with their flyering? Send in your suggestions below by leaving a comment.

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