Selling a real estate property in the Philippines can be challenging, more so when there’s too many real estate professionals playing in the field. Step up your game to make sure that your clients, whether past or present, will have you on top of their mind when buying a property in the Philippines.

We rounded up these tips from our top pros on what makes them successful in the field:

1. Project a good first impression.

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Most of the clients I had encountered are from privileged families or richest people in the society, which requires [for a broker to have] not only a sharp appearance but an intellect that would find them curious about the property. It’s not just the product that you are selling. You are selling yourself!

– Mark Francisco (Ayala Land Premier)

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2. Address your client’s concerns.

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“I have a client who requested for a special payment term, and I had to work and research for a week to justify his request to finance. It was so tempting to just tell my client that his request cannot be approved. But since i knew that the client really wanted the unit, and that his reasons for the request were valid, I soldiered on until we got the approval. My client was happy in the end, of course.”

– Jerico Midel (Ayala Land Premier)

Clients are only skeptical when they are not informed in order to form a decision. Answer all of their questions the best that you can, give them good payment terms and a solid reason on why they will invest their money on the project you are offering.”

– Dave Wong (Alveo)

3. Being attentive might turn a NO into a YES.

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“I continued giving [my client] updates of our new terms and deals. After more than a year of communicating about our projects, she finally bought a one-bedroom executive unit in Bonifacio Global City.”

– Marvie Cababat (Megaworld)

“I had a previous client who was offered by another seller with a big part of his commission/professional fee just to get the sale. I almost gave up but decided to continue talking to the client. Since I cannot offer him a lot of discounts, I just offered him my service. I answered his questions and provide solutions to his concerns as quick as I could. I think I made that client feel that he can count on me, I got the sale.”

Ed Gentizon (Avida)

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4. Know the best time to contact your client.

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“For me the best time to call the client is in the afternoon so I won’t intrude on his or her working hours. Monday morning is a huge “No”. Most of our qualified clients are really busy and always on the go during every first working day of the week.”

– Mark Francsico (Ayala Land Premier)

“You will know who is really interested because they’ll ask for a call back or at least send you a message. I don’t usually call after 5pm because I know that client is tired from work at that moment, unless they told me to do so.”

– Ed Gentizon (Avida)

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5. Follow through with your clients.

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“Your career in real estate is ultimately a test of willpower determination and persistence. As with all sales career, there are highs and lows. It’s not how low you fall it’s how hard you get back up. Without persistence, it is impossible to get out of the lows.”

– Jon Clarence Hu (Megaworld BGC)

You will not close any sale if you’re not persistent. Client usually started to show interest, but it is always up to us on how to keep them on that state. We must always do an action to keep everything going or else client might lose interest on the seller even they really want to buy.”

– Ed Gentizon (Avida)

6. Pursue a relationship with your client.

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“There are no “No’s” when it comes to building a relationship. A “No” from a client means there are things that needs to be resolved. Example: timing, cash flow, unit type, preference. It is all just a matter of time. When clients aren’t ready to buy yet, shift into building relationships.

– Jerico Midel (Ayala Land Premier)

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