Owning a home is the ultimate dream of many Filipinos. Some even leave behind their families and work abroad so that they can purchase a home for their loved ones. According to the 2013 data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), over 2.2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are working abroad.

To protect your future home and to ensure you won’t fall prey to any real estate scams, below are common housing frauds that you should watch out for:

1. Pre-Selling Scam

One of the most widespread real estate scams in the country is the pre-selling scam. These are done by shady developers who do not follow the rules on requisite permits or gain through dishonest means. According to this Inquirer news report, Housing and Land Regulatory Board estimated in 2009 that almost 85 of the cases filed in their office account for dissatisfied customers asking for a refund of their down payments in pre-selling projects.

During the pre-selling stage, the developer would lure prospective buyers with very low rates and great incentives including timely turnover dates. Buyers will then get a property from them and pay the downpayment as well as monthly equity. But as the expected turnover day nears, the development is still not done. The developer will promise that it will be finished on a certain timeframe, but they will extend it time and again until the home buyer gives up on it.

Early this year, Second District of Tarlac Rep. Susan Yap filed the House Bill 395, which will amend the Presidential Decree 975 or the Subdivision and Condominium Buyers’ Protective Decree of 1976 to increase penalties against dishonest property developers.

2. Double Sale of Property

Under this scam, the property in question is bought by two different people. This happens when the first buyer fails to register and transfer the title to their name, and then the crooked owner will sell it again. Thus, both buyers have the same title under their own names.

This is one of the most controversial housing scams in the Philippines in 2010, and up until now the investigation is still ongoing. According to complaints filed to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the developer Globe Asiatique allegedly double sold properties. The victims reported that the titles they have carry another name. Furthermore, the houses were built on a land that was not theirs.

3. Bait-and-Switch Scheme

This deceptive practice involves real estate agents advertising properties that they are not authorized to sell. These properties are either not really for sale or are handled by a different agent. The property is listed at an attractively low price to get people’s attention (the bait), but once a client inquires, the agent will claim that either the house has already been sold or is not available anymore. Agents will then offer their own listings that may even be pricier than their previous offer (the switch).

4. Insufficient Disclosure

This scam happens when less-than-reputable real estate developers, real estate agents, or even home sellers intentionally withhold information about the property that may make potential clients think twice before buying.

It’s common to come across properties which show a lot of promise, but when it’s time to sign the contract or turnover, you’d find surprising facts or information about the property. These include hidden charges, title complications including tax delinquencies or encumbrances, or less-than-ideal structural facts such as poor property foundation.

5. Real Estate Agent Posers

A con artist pretending to be a real estate agent is another common scam committed in the Philippines. These fake agents are responsible for most real estate frauds in the country. Some would create legitimate-looking web sites and put up listings they’ve copied online. And once they’ve tricked you into paying a security deposit or initial payment, they’ll leave you high and dry. Because they use forged documents and contact information, running after them is more difficult.

6. Property Title Fraud

A type of scam that is costly and devastating is the property title fraud This is done by syndicates or fake agents with their cohorts to convince you to buy seemingly affordable properties. These scammers would use old titles and copy the information to create a fake title. They would also add supporting documents to make it seem like all the papers are in order.

This is a scam that not only targets home buyers, but also real estate developers and banks. Last August 2014, Senator Koko Pimentel III filed Senate Resolution No. 856. It seeks to investigate the fake land title scam that is now prevalent in many parts of the country, particularly in General Santos City. But you should be able to detect the authenticity of the titles using these guidelines from the Land Registration Authority (LRA).

7. Pirated Listing

Scrupulous real estate agents take advantage of others by copying original listings. These are often found in online classified ads, which cannot be personally verified by site administrators. Or the agents sometimes pose as potential buyers and gather all pertinent information about the property.

Once they have the details and have even taken photographs, they would claim that they are the homeowners’ representative. But after the buyer pays for fees and initial payment, the agents will suddenly be unavailable or will come up with excuses when contacted.

8. Fake House Rentals

There are two ways this scam is executed: using a house that is vacant because the owners are abroad or one that is really up for sale. The scammer will scout a property which has been sitting empty for a period of time – either the owners are not based in the country or away on a trip. The property will then be offered to an unsuspecting client. They will either say they are the owners or are the authorized representatives of the owners.

These scammers would break into the homes and then change the locks so that they can show it to clients. After producing official looking contracts and other documents, these fake agents or representatives will ask the unsuspecting renter for the security deposit as well as advance payment.

9. Foreclosure Scams

Scammers take advantage of properties up for foreclosure by offering it to unsuspecting clients – particularly OFWs – who are not able to check the properties personally. The scammer would either pose as the real home owner or an agent. They will then forge official-looking documents to present to the potential buyer.

When it’s time for the buyers to move in, they cannot contact the agent anymore. Or in worst cases, the homeowners have already moved in, but when the bank comes to foreclose the property, it will only be the home owners who are left to deal with them.

The takeaway

In order to protect your future home, you should always perform due diligence. Research is a very important part of the home buying process. You shouldn’t just rely on the real estate agent you’ve hired. Do know who you are dealing with and conduct a thorough background investigation. Find out how credible they are and if the property they are selling is really legitimate.

Hotlines to remember

If you know someone who’s part of any irregular practices or you’ve encountered real estate scams, report these to authorities immediately. You may use these numbers of the right Philippine government agencies to contact.

For dishonest licensed real estate agent professionals, you may contact the Legal Department of Professional Regulatory Commission at (632) 735-1248.

For fake agents, con artists, or shady developers, the National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Fraud and Action Division is the agency to contact. You may reach them at (632) 525-4093 or 524-6395.

Watch this video on how you can avoid falling prey to real estate scams.

What other real estate scams in the Philippines do you know or have encountered? Share with us your thoughts and experience by leaving a comment below.

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  • Amie Viceroy

    Amy Manlangit Fil Estate Agent she’s a fraud, her address 3/f Renaissance Tower F, Meralco, Ave, Pasig City, her phone (63) 917-626-7839 land phone (632)638-5895 she handle properties in these location, Aklan- Kalibo, Batangas -Lipa, Laguna San pablo City Metropolitan Area, Makati, Pasig, I bought a piece of land, she stole my money that supposed to be for transferring the title P50,0000, I dont know if im holding a real title,

    • Zipporah Antonio

      Hi Amie Viceroy! Have your reported this incident? Please refer to the hotlines above to raise your concern.

    • jasmin

      Go to the Registry of Deeds. Also, please ensure you deal with licensed real estate brokers for these type of work.

  • keithjdo

    I was paying for Avida Towers 2 Cebu for 3+ years now. Our checking account was closed on around May-June 2012. After that, we paid thru cash thru the agent. After that, we continually had the payment of 30k/per month as to the original amount of 24,804.64. After few years of not visiting the Avida office in cebu, I finally paid a visit to check and confirm on the delay of turnover. As the representative checked my name, I was not on the list of owners! Then I asked where was that agent, the staff told me that she resigned already a few years back. I’m still paying the 30k monthly to the said agent. They said there could be a technical error/s on the data. They are already verifying my account right now. Is this possible that a resigned employee still manages the account?

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi @rogueknight:disqus I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have any proof that would authenticate that you have been paying for your unit to this agent? A good idea is to report your case to the appropriate authorities above. As far as I know, employees who have resigned from the company should not be doing business on behalf of the company.

    • jasmin

      Hi @rogueknight:disqus , you should never ever pay cash to an agent. Agents come and go in the competitive real estate industry. Your best ally are your documents: Reservation Fee Receipt, Contract To Sell and receipts of all the payments you made for the Avida property.

    • Angelita Java Leuterio

      Avida should have told you that you have been missing monthly payments. If Avida had only been pro-active, your agent or broker could not have taken all your remaining DP for himself.
      Malamang sinadya ng Avida na di ipaalam sa’yo na may miss payment ka na, para ma-cancel na contract mo, para makamkam nila lahat ng naibayad mo sa kanila, at maibenta nila sa ibang tao ang unit mo. Kumita na sila sa’yo, kikita pa sila sa next na bibili, at mas malaki ang kita sa next buyer dahil mas mataas na presyo ng unit.


    Last year I was selling my house and lot in Valenzuela, MMla. And a man came to my office here in Bulacan and said he is interested to buy my house and he will loan it to “Pag Ibig Housing Loan Program” and after a month of exchanging text massages we agreed to the price, He told me if the “amilyar” is updated, i said no, I told him to pay for the “amilyar” and i will just deduct it to the agreed price, so he paid it. Since I am from Pampanga I just sent thru LBC all the documents including the Contract to Sell signed by me and my wife, xerox copy of land title and 2 valid identification card. After two months of waiting he told me not he is not interested anymore and will just send the signed Contract to Sell document and the Amilyar receipt. Are there any reasons for me to bother coz lots of scammers are roaming around. Can he reconstruct another title and faked my signature so that he can sell it? pls enlighten me. tnx

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi Rivera! I’m sorry to hear about your case. There’s a possibility that he might do that, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt considering that he paid for your amilyar or realty tax.

      I suggest the best way to go is to reconfirm with the proper authorities (Land Regulation Authority, local government) that the house and lot is still under your name and if he really paid for the taxes. If he did, check with them whether this might complicate your status as the owner of your property. This will also allow you to either file a complaint should there be any discrepancies with your property ownership.

      If all is clear and the property and land is still under your name, then I suggest hiring a registered broker who can better assist you with the sale. Here are top five reasons why: http://www.zipmatch.com/blog/why-you-should-get-a-real-estate-broker

      • jasmin

        Hi @rogueknight:disqus , your best ally here is the following documents: Reservation Fee receipt, Signed Contract to Sell and Receipts of all payments you made to Avida. There are a lot of scrupulous agents and they usually come and go on this competitive real estate industry so it’s best if you pay using check or bank transfer using Avida’s name.

        • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

          awesome tip @jasmin!

    • HI @disqus_O4qdx3Fc6t:disqus. Hope we were able to help you with your concern. Do you have any other questions about buying a real estate property?

  • Angelita Java Leuterio

    I have already paid Avida Land Php342,000. Feb 28, 2015, I received an email from valencia.maylene@amicassa.com.ph that my account has been cancelled after several notices served ( which I did not receive). March 5, 2015, I received a call from Avida Finance Department, Ms. Iris Velasco to come to Avida BGC, Taguig so sign my contract. March 6, I went to their office to sign the contract, and also to pay my Php32,500 balance to complete my DP. I was told by Ms. Iris that the cashier is already closed. so, I began signing my contract but while signing I told her of their customer Service e-mail from Mylene Valencia’s telling me that my account is already cancelled. So, Ms. Iris wondered, and examine my payment scheme, and told me:”… ah your account was cancelled because your bank loan was not approved. You should have given us the balance of 80% by Dec 2014. But since your bank loan was not approved, you account was cancelled.”
    Now, they agreed to have my account opened but I have to pay them Php5000 penalty & service fee, and have to agree that the cost of my condo will increase from Php1.89Million to Php2.27Million.
    As my foreign friend described it: “IT’S A THEFT”. Yes, Avida Land is a scammer. They should have told me that my bank loan was not approved, and should have asked me to find another bank, or at least automatically convert my payment scheme to in house financing.
    Please read my whole story in Facebook (avidacheats) and please do like and share that facebook page so we can all warn possible buyers of the scams of Avida Land. Thank you.

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi Angelita Java Leuterio! I’m sorry to hear about your case. I feel that there was a serious miscommunication issue that happened between you and your broker/developer. Generally, the developer is duty-bound to inform you ahead prior to the cancellation of your account that your bank loan was not approved so you can find or come up with an alternative way to fund your home purchase.

      As for the increase in the purchase price, I am not sure if this has been discussed in your contract to sell. Contract to sell has a sales proposition called “Supervening Events” wherein you agreed to an increase in purchase price by your broker/developer if an economic event (or an event that causes the decrease of the value of the property being sold to you) happened and you have yet to fully pay for the property.

      To best guide you with your options, it is best that you discuss your options with a lawyer. Best of luck and I hope everything will be resolved soon!

      • Angelita Java Leuterio

        Hi Rizza, thank you for taking time commenting.
        I have no Contract To Sell until the time I went to their BGC office to sign my contract. I was not even finished signing it when their Finance (Iris Velasco – the one who called me on March 5, 2015 to visit BGC to sign the contract) took the contract, telling me I can’t sign anymore as it will no longer be valid as my account is already cancelled.
        Correction, the facebook page that I made to proliferate Avida’s scam is avidacheatings. It already has 700+ likes for this week only. I hope to spread that to the whole world to warn more people of Avida Scam. I hope to get at least 30,000 likes as what happened to my flower shop when I had it promoted in the net. Kung hindi ko man makuha DP ko, maparating ko man lang sa ibang tao na nanloloko ang Avida Land, nang sa gayon di na sila pa bumili sa Avida. The more likes the more na maikakalat ang scam nila, and the more ang di na bibili sa kanila.

        • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

          Hi Angelita Java Leuterio I’m really sorry to hear about your case. You’ve made the best move to communicate with HLURB. On the other hand, do not sever ties with your developer and help them understand your case. If this is a case of miscommunication, I bet that they are willing to work with you in accordance to the terms of the contract to sell you have signed with them.

          Here’s a simplified version on what contracts to sell usually say and talk to both your developer, government and your lawyer on how you both can best resolve things: http://www.zipmatch.com/blog/contract-to-sell-explanation

          • Anne LM

            Again, Ms. Rissa wala kaming Contract To Sell in Avida. Reservation Agreement lang. From Dec 2010 wala kaming naging Contract To Sell

          • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

            Hi @disqus_v5MqVQWya8:disqus glad that we have that squared out. Here’s to hoping your dilemma will be resolved soon in your favor.

          • Anne LM

            Hopefully, I already filed a complaint with HLURB about 2 months ago. Mabagal din pala hearing/discussion dun- wala pa rin kasing schedule up to now. Avida has lots of complaint to answer there pala, hindi lang ako. Mas ok kung ganun, lalabas na irresponsible business entity sila, and hopefully cases will be decided in complainants’ favor.

        • Sedfrey Lagman Lacsamana

          Hi Ms. Angelita! I feel that this could have been strategically resolved if you have your real estate broker or salesperson assist you in dealing with the real estate developer. Sometimes, lapses in judgement in raising inquiries with the front liners of the developer causes poor customer management. I am a real estate broker and I have encountered the same case with one of my clients. With proper communication strategies, this can be easily resolved. Not only allowing you to retain the total contract price to its original price, but also, it you would have avoided forfeiting your hard earned money. It is important to recognize that a company as big as Avida Land has a higher tendency to overlook accounts due to its large scale operations. I would recommend that you inquire and request for the receiving copy of notarial notices (that they claim they have sent). A developer is required to issue such notice (with an evidence that it was received) before they can cancel your account. You could have talked to the higher authority in Avida to consider your appeal not to cancel your account. I am independent real estate broker and not connected with Avida as an employee. I have not even sold a unit with them. :)

          • Crisostomo

            “lapses in judgement”…”poor customer management”…. oh my, when will Filipinos ever learn…work quality has gone down the drain…only those who have gone overseas can do their jobs properly, with exceptions, of course…

    • Hi @angelitajavaleuterio:disqus. Sana po nakatulong ang aming sagot sa inyong issue. May iba pa po ba kayong tanong or concern na gustong malaman tungkol sa pagbili ng real estate property?

  • Mhel Carel

    Hi, kumuha ako ng house and lot sa Pro-Friends. I start my DP last June 2012. After mga ilang buwan nag search ako tungkol sa kanila then I found the out Maraming nagrereklamo such as leak sa cr/wall at late turn over ng unit. But still Dahil sabi ko “to see is to believe” Kaya pinagpatuloy ko. Una mabilis sila mag response ng mga email lalo na pag Meron kelangan silang documents. Ilang beses ako pinapirma ng contract to sell at nun tinanong ko bakit Dahil Meron daw kelangan pang pirmahan ang AIF ko. Den pinag start na ako ng real estate tax, at nalaman ko dapat ang Tax ay umpisa pag natirhan na ang bahay,pero pinagbayad na Nila ako 3,500 yearly. First inspection till last inspection noong April 11,2015 Meron parin di naayos sa unit pero Dahil need na may matirhan ang pamilya ko na galing pa province tinanggap ko nlang ito.
    Ngayong na tanggap na pinallow-up ko ang CTS pero noong August 2014 ko pa yun hinihingi at Wala silang maibigay sa akin until now. Lagi Nila sinasabi na hahanapin pero Wala. Last May 12,2015 pinapunta ko ang pamangkin ko dun sa office Nila sa mandaluyong, pero mag closing nlang di Nila inaasikaso ang pamangkin ko, may mga inaasikaso sila na mas huli pang Dumating kesa sa pamangkin ko,sabi daw ng staff Nila ay Dahil may appointment yun, pero Ano yun pamangkin ko Lang pla di nagpa appointment Kaya di Nila inaasikaso?! Den pina follow-up ko ulet pamangkin ko may binigay daw mga papers. Pina check ko Kung andun ang CTS pero Wala. Ang mga binigay Lang yung ibang requirements sa electricity at water which I already have. Tumawag ako at gusto ko Mka usap ang staff, pero mukha daw ako iniiwasan ng mga staff. Mejo matagal bago May sumagot sa tawag ko. Tinanong ko Kung bakit Walang CTS, ang sabi hahanapin at mag antay daw ng 1week feedback. Sinabi ko na Kung ayaw cya ang mapagalitan ipasa Nya sa mas mataas, sabi Nya customer service manager daw cya “JENNY”, sabi Nya ang priority daw Nila ay mga walk-in customers na mag avail ng unit Nila. So ang ibig sabihin ang mga nka avail na at nagrereklamo di na Nila isakasuhin. Ayaw Nyang ipasa sa mas mataas s kanya or concern department, Kaya sabi ko Kung nagbabasa sila ng emails ko kasi ang dami kong emails months na Walang ni isang reply. C Jenny ay nag focus na dun about sa email na sinabi ko s kanya, iniiba ang usapan. Kahit dinidiin King Hindi issue un sa email Dahil ang hinihingi ko ang CTS. Sa sobrang inis ko at sa hirap cyang kausapin I closed the call. Ngayon, sa sinabi nilang 1week na feedback Walang feedback. Kaya nag send ako ng refund letter Dahil ayoko na kunin ang bahay at Dahil narin sa di safe Ito, Maraming naglalabasang ahas lalo na sa phase namin. Nag reply sila na Baka daw gusto ko ipagpatuloy ang unit ko at ayusin daw Nila lahat ng di naayos sa punchlist but I insisted na refund. Ngayon Wala pang balita. Latest email ko sa kanila ay yung option na vacant lot nlang ang ibigay Nila sa akin, pero Dahil naisip ko profriends parin, ay nagbago ang isip ko.sabi ko refund nalang Kung sakaling Hindi malaking lot ang ibigay sa akin, Dahil yung place naman dun sa Dasmarinas ay di pla develop at Dahil narin sa issue ng profriends. Ngayon nag aantay ako ng sagot Nila. Sinabi ko pla sa email ko na alam kong may problema sa CTS Kaya Wala silang maibigay na rason Kung asan Ito,at ayoko na mag antay Kaya irefund nlang Nila sa akin ang pera. Naka 1M narin ako ng bayad sa kanila.

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi @mhelcarel:disqus ! Sorry to hear about this. Medyo marami po tayong complications dito, but I will try my best to answer them.

      1. When you accepted the unit upon turnover, it signals na you acknowledged that the unit turned over to you is good and passed your specifications. Ito po yung ihohold ni developer kahit may complaints po kayo after the turnover. If your house and lot is in a subdivision, the upkeep and maintenance of the neighborhood surrounding your property is the homeowners’ association’s responsibility na rin po.

      As a voting member, you can compel the homeowners’ association to resolve the issue surrounding your subdivision’s area either by hiring pest control services or a cleanup drive.

      2. Meron po ba kayong Reservation Agreement? Kase pwede rin po kayong icompel si developer to deliver your Contract to Sell based sa provision sa inyong Reservation Agreement about issuing the CTS, kung meron po tlga siyang provision.

      3. Mas maganda na rin po kung isangguni ninyo yung case nyo sa HLURB para pwede po silang magmediate regarding your case with the developer. Mas maganda pong iformal nyo na complaint ninyo by sending an email and ff it up via phone call

      ADJUDICATION Head: Atty. Marino Bernardo M. Torres
      2nd Flr., HLURB Bldg.,Kalayaan Ave., cor.Mayaman St.,
      Diliman, Quezon City
      (02) 926-1065

      Good luck!

  • Mhel Carel

    Hi, I avail house and lot in Pro-Friends. I start my DP June 2012 and I still paying my Monthly Amortization. The problem is after my first DP I begun searching about them ang learned that there’s a lot of Complaints from homeowner such as leak in walls/bathroom. And most of them asking for refund. I don’t believe first because I want to see with my own eyes if it’s true or not. But now I do believe them. From first inspection till last they didn’t fix all what is written in the punchlist. But because I needed a home for my family to leave from province I accepted the unit. And the problem is I ask the contract to sell last August 2014 but until till they couldn’t provide. I talked with one of the staff in mandaluyong via international call(customer service manager) if what happen or where’s my CTS and they couldn’t give me an answer. They said they still try to find and see if what’s wrong with it and they will give me feedback after a week. This customer service manager told me that their priority is the walk-in customers who will avail their units. So I get angry. And ask her to pass my call to higher position but she don’t want me to talk with them. Then I asked her if they read my emails because it’s been a months and there’s no response. And then this Jenny she focus about what I told her about my email. And I told her the problem is not the email, the CTS I needed.
    I waited for a week feedback but yet no response so I send them an email for my refund. I don’t want their house now, it’s not about inky with leak problems,…. There’s a lot of snakes now specially in my phase. The last option I told them it’s ok if they could give me a vacant lot because I know there’s a problem with my CTS and I don’t want to wait any longer and leave in unsafe community. But what I think now is, if I will accept a vacant lot and still from them Pro-Friends I will face a problem again in the future so I want my refund. What I told them also if they could give me a bigger lot maybe it’s ok with me. What should I do now? Thank you

  • Exequiel Raguini

    How to check if the developer is legit?

    • Hi Exequiel Raguini. One way to check if a real estate developer runs a legitimate business is if they have Certificate of Registration and HLURB-issued License to Sell (LTS) for their projects. Visit HLURB’s website (Online Queries section) to verify this information. Or go to the nearest HLURB Regional Office to check.

      To know more about LTS, check out this article http://www.zipmatch.com/blog/facts-about-license-to-sell. Hope this helps!

  • Frolain

    Magandang araw po.

    Hingi lang po sana ako ng payo tungkol sa suliranin ko sa kinuha kong condo.

    1) July 2013 nagpareserba ako ng condo sa isang ahente na ang projected estimated turnover date daw ay December 2015.

    2) Sep. 2013 hanggang Feb. 2015 sa loob ng 18 months ay nagbayad ako ng 20% TCP downpayment.

    3) Jan. 2015 dahil malapit ng matapos ang aking down payment, nagtanong and developer kung gusto ko daw mag dagdag ng equity ng sa ganon ay madali daw akong maaprubahan sa bangko kung sakaling iloan ko matitra pang balanse.

    4) Feb. 2015 pumayag ako na magdagdag ng equity kaya nagbigay ako 12 PDCs amounting to 40% of TCP payable from Mar. 2015 to Feb.2016.

    5) March 2015 (pagkatapos kong maiissue ang 12 PDC’s ko) natanggap ko yung CTS na ang nakasaad na Estimated Unit Turnover date ay December 2016 na.

    Nanlumo ako dahil matagal palang matutulog duon ang perang pinaghirapan ko (20% TCP down payment at 40% TCP additional equity na on-going ngayon ang pagbabawas nila) at ang masaklap pa ng malaman ko na sa December 2016 pa pala ang Turnover Date ayon sa CTS ay nag baka sakali ako na makuha ko kahit yung 6 PDC’s ko para hindi naman masyadong malaking pera maipit ko sa kanila na sa kasamaang palad ay hindi ko na daw maaring bawiin pa.

    Tanong ko lang po. Matutulungan kaya ako ng HLURB na makapag refund kung ang gagawin ko pong dahilan ay ang mga sumusunod:

    1) Ang sinabi sa akin ng Agent na turnover date ng proyekto ay Dec. 2015 (may kopya po ako ng ads nila) na hindi tumutugma sa nakasaad sa CTS na Dec. 2016 at ang tanging paliwanag lang nila sa akin ng magtanong ako ay ang quoted email nila sa baba.

    “Good day Sir,

    My apology for late reply. The official turnover date is year 2016, as per instruction we are trying to target somewhere between June to September 2016. During the initial stage, there were unforeseen issues and delay in release of Construction permit due to change in Municipal Administration policy that’s why the turnover is not possible by December 2015. Thank you!


    2) Tama ba na bigyan ako ng reservation noong July 2013 at singilin ng 20% down payment noong Sep. 2013 kahit na ang LTS nila ay naigawad ng HLURB noon lamang 24th of April 2014.

    3) At ngayong may LTS (issued Apr.2014) na sila maari ko pa rin po bang gawing rason na wala silang LTS nung time na magpareserve ako at mag umpisa magbayad ng down payment.

    Pasensiya na. Unang pagkakataon lang po kasi ito na kumuha ako ng Condo at huli na ng aking malaman ang website ng HLURB para sa mga rights ng mamimili.

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi @frolain:disqus ! I am so sorry, hindi ko po nakita yung message nyo po. I hope may magandang update po in your favor itong kase nyo.

      Anyway, sasagutin ko po yung mga tanong:

      1. Actually “misrepresentation” na po yung nangyari sa inyo with the developer. Dapat responsibility po nila nga bigyan kayo ng construction updates about the property, lalo na kung significant po yung changes. If the ads are still up, then they should have updated that in order to set the correct expectations to potential homebuyers.

      They should also publicize yung mga construction updates sa site as well, kahit na they advised you over email. Kase hindi lang naman po kayo ang bumili at naginvest ng property.

      2. Mali na po dyan yung developer, unless binigyan po sila ng special circumstance ng HLURB to sell the property way before the LTS was issued. But as per law, hindi po allowed ang developers to sell properties if they do not have the LTS yet.

      3. Pwede nyo po itong gawing rason, although I would suggest going through the developer muna and present these facts to them. kaya po yun muna sinusuggest ko is that baka pwede po itong maayos sa side ng developer, at bigyan po kayo ng resolution that does not require going through a third party.

      Pupunta lang po tau sa HLURB kung naiforward nyo na po yung request nyo, at hindi pa nagcomply or nagbigay ng resolution si developer. Naghihinayang din po kase ako sa efforts na ginawa nyo to secure the property.

      Let me know po kung meron pa po kayong tanong. Good luck!

      • Frolain

        Hi! Maraming salamat po sa tugon ninyo. Decided na po ako na mag file sa HLURB. OFW po ako kaya I just communicating with them through emails only. At naipresent ko na po sa kanila ang mga facts na yan. Nagrequest din po ako na ihold ang Additional Downpayment ko na di rin po nila pinagbigyan sa kabila ng iniusog na nila yung Project Turnover ng isang taon.

        Dagdag na tanong lang po, although gawa na yung complaint letter ko at naisama ko itong bagong Board Resolution. Alam ko po na nito lamang December 2014 nagkaroon ng PD 927 Board Resolution no. 922 Section 22 at 23 tungkol sa Misleading Advertisements.

        Sakop pa rin kaya ang kontrata ko nito kahit nagkaroon kami ng Agreement nung July 2013 pa? Nalaman ko lang po kasi na “Misrepresentation” ang advertisement nila nung July 2013 ng di tumugma ang Turnover Date nito sa natanggap ko na CTS nito lamang March 2015.

        Maraming salamat po sa oras ninyo.

        • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

          Hi Frolain! Sakop pa rin ito dahil meron naman po tayo sa batas na tumutugon sa mga ganitong complaint:

          Presidential Decree No. 957 or the “Subdivision and Condominium Buyer’s Protective Decree.” Since its initiation by late President Ferdinand Marcos on July 12, 1976 and application with the latest revised implementing rules and regulations in 2009, pinuproteksyunan po ang mga mamimili against misrepresentations and fraudulent activities of developers, sellers and operators.

          Yes po, maigi po ang inyong gagawin. Mas maigi rin po na bibigyan nyo po ng kopya or update ang inyong developer. I’m sure po by then magrerespond na po sila at makapagbigay ng resolution sa inyong complaint.

    • Cris

      sir, isa lang ibig sabihin nuong hinde po credible yun developer alalong lalo na yun agent nyu po… masakit man sabihin mukhng wla na po kayong habol duon sa turnover date kasi di po basehan yun payemnet terms ng unit sa turnover date. minsan kahit fully paid na 2yrs pa rin delay marami po gnyan lalo na kung di tlg mapagkakatiwalaan developer

  • jo

    I finished paying the lot I purchased from Asia Miles Properties for La Excelsa at Amadeo Cavite. Until now they have not given me the land title. I sent numerous emails, tried to call their office but no response. They used to have an office at Ortigas but they closed and moved to Bacoor which made it harder for my family to reach them as we live in Cainta. I work in the US and it’s may parents who are doing the follow up since then. Just early this year my sister contacted them (Cecile Mendoza) and she said that we give them two months and they will contact us to arrange a meeting. Two months have passed and nothing. Just recently my mother was able to contact them and she was told that the lot the I paid for is not available! And they are asking if I would consider another lot.
    I would like to know if they are operating legally. And what actions I can take against them. Thanks.

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi jo ! I’m sorry to hear about this case. Based from my naked search (via SEC http://www.sec.gov.ph/onlinetransactions/search.html) Asia Miles Properties Inc is a legal company.

      But I have a few questions:

      1. Did you pay the property exclusively with a broker or agent?

      2. Do you have the broker or agent’s name and contact details. How did you come to know about the property for sale prior to buying it? Was it bought online, referred to by a friend?

      3. Do you have receipts of the payments you have made with the company, and signatory of the person who has received the money?

      4. Can you ask your mother if she was able to get the number and contact details of the person whom she talked to about the property in question.

      5. Where you given details of the lot in question, and if you were shown, where you given a serial number of the land title being sold to you?

      The reason why I am asking these questions is because I want you to have all of the details at your disposal before calling the Land Registration Authority to expedite your case before you take any legal action in the matter.

      Please call Public Assistance and Action Center and look for
      Ms. Esther A. Gaela (Action Officer) at 925-65-72.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • jo

        I paid to an Asia Miles agent. The original agent is not with the company anymore but I know their names. No one answers the company phone number that they posted. We only have the cellphone number of the new agent but she rarely respond to text messages or calls which is very frustrating. I know the lot number because I have the contract with me. No serial number though as they have not started to work on the title I guess. Thank you for taking time to read this.

        • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

          HI @jo7615:disqus. I suggest that the best thing to do is to consult with the LRA. Kase they’d be the perfect people to arbitrate the case with the management of Asia Miles Properties considering po na nakailang beses na po kayo nagfollow up.

  • Anne

    Hi. I am from overseas & I have a condo unit in Taguig for sale. A buyer is very keen to buy. & he’s recommending his broker/friend to me coz I’m having a hard time getting a broker who can help me. Is it safe to get the buyers broker recommendation but I will still pay her commission & she will do all the documentation for me. Broker wants to start with due diligence for the buyer. She’s asking me copies of CTT & tax declaration. But I’m a bit hesitant coz it could be scam. Pls enlighten me. Thanks.

    • Hi @disqus_r0dMZba81u:disqus! It’s understandable that you’re cautious since the broker is recommended by the buyer himself. But what they are asking is ok since those are part of the documentation process.

      If you’re really not comfortable with the idea (and for extra precaution), it’s best that you get a broker from your own end. Find a licensed broker with a good reputation and track. You can verify their license with PRC. Hope this helps!

      • Anne

        Thank u for ur reply. But if I use the buyers broker is that ok too if she’s licensed broker?
        & they’re asking me copies of CTT to email. What if it’s a scam?

        • Much better since you know she is legitimate to transact in real estate transactions.

          Getting a copy of a property’s title (TCT, CCT) is part of the buyers, and in effect, the broker’s due diligence. A title is a public document, and people can go to the Registry of Deeds to check it. I think it’s okay to provide them a copy of your title so when they compare it with what is in the Registry of Deeds, they can verify the authenticity of your title.

          If you have a relative here, maybe you can ask them to inquire in the registry of deeds where your property is located to double check. Hope this helps!

  • Crestin Aspamum

    Hi po,nagbayad ako ng downpayment sa lupa this sept.2015 lang at ang binigay lang ay resibo at form na nakalagay detail ko pati lot description,ask ko po if ok lang ba ito wala akong contract na hawak bali yong pinirmahan ko lang sa kanila ay 3registration form pra sa tin number .every month ako magbabayad hanggang 3 years po sa office din nila .ang sabi po sa akin ok lang basta my resibo follow up nlang yong contract dahil d pa daw na release,pwdi ko bang makuha downpayment ko if ever na e cancel ko nlang ang pagbabayad.

  • Andres Bonifacio

    Here is a good example of a real estate scammers in the Philippines: Prime Peak Properties, Innovaland Realty & Development, and Virac Ecological Sanctuary.

  • zipmatch

    Hi, Mekai. Yes, it’s true. The title will be given when the property is fully paid.