So you receive a lot of inquiries about your condo, townhouse, or a house and lot for sale. But most often than not, there’s always that nagging question at the back of your head: Are you are actually making a real connection with your potential homebuyer at the end of the line?

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

In order to make a real connection, you have to make the right first impression. Attending to every inquiry is key, even if it can be inconvenient for you at times, but before sending that email or text or calling them, you need to have to have a unique sales pitch.

Now, how unique should this sales pitch be when it’s just basically answering their homebuying questions? One great way is to customize your responses with your personal brand. But what if your potential client has already entered their basic information on your project website, gone through all primary information about your project, or checked other third-party resources about your project’s details?

Buyer Profiling

Normally, you phish for more information by asking them a series of homebuyer need questions. But opening with questions may be cumbersome for some home seekers, who will expect you to answer their questions on the get-go when they already have provided it online.

With the new improvements on ZipMatch Pro, buyer profiling just became easier. Aside from the basics– client’s name, contact details and the property they inquired for, some of the inquiries you’ll receive will are now made better with additional information you can use in your pitch:

  • Whether client is a first-time homebuyer or not
  • The client’s homebuying budget
  • The client’s monthly salary
  • The number of bedrooms the client prefers
  • Any additional homebuyer preferences
Client Management ZipMatch
You can access additional information of your inquiry via the Client Management section of your ZipMatch Pro account.

ZipMatch lead details
Click on the “View Info” link found under each lead card to view full lead details.

Having as much information as you can about your potential clients can make home seekers more receptive to you. For instance, a first-time homebuyer would be pretty impressed about your psychic abilities with your tailor-fit sales pitch. A confused home seeker would appreciate you for recommending potential properties that are also based on their budget, salary, number of bedrooms, their other preferences.

Moreover, knowing these things also helps you work smarter with your lead pipeline. Instead of attending to every inquiry, you can prioritize according to those who are close to saying yes to the sale.

Buyer Signals

Unlike physically meeting home seekers at trade shows or flyering, one difference of working with online home seekers is that you will not have the visibility to pick up their customer habits.

One cool feature we’ve added is the Buyer Score. A Buyer Score is a quick reference that gives you an overview of how much info you can work with for an interested client.

Zipshop leads
The Buyer Score gives you a quick look at your customer’s online profile that you could use before the negotiation stage.

Buyer Score ZipMatch
If you are receiving a lead with additional information through your subscription, you will be sent a direct link to the lead details page via SMS and email!

We have a lot of ideas to push this feature further. In the near future, the Buyer Score will also take into account the following improvements:

  • The number of previous inquiries the homebuyer has made
  • The number of property searches the homebuyer has performed on ZipMatch
  • Other on-site activity, like leaving property reviews etc.

Earning the trust of your clients doesn’t have to be difficult. Build your professional brand using ZipMatch’s ProFile Plus now.

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