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About Empire East

Established in 1994 by real estate visionary Dr. Andrew L. Tan, Empire East Land Holdings Inc. (EELHI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Megaworld. With a target niche of middle-class market segment, Empire East’s portfolio consists of township developments at the metropolis’ key business districts of San Juan, Pasig, Makati and Mandaluyong. Creating township developments with its live-work-play-learn concept, Empire East has also introduced transit-oriented design and urban resort lifestyle into its latest developments such as the San Lorenzo Place at Makati City, which was developed into the commuter pathways of MRT-EDSA lines.

Projects of Empire East

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360 °
Little Baguio Terraces   San Juan City
Little Baguio Terraces
360 °
San Lorenzo Place   Makati City
San Lorenzo Place
360 °
The Rochester   Pasig City
The Rochester
The Covent Garden   Manila
The Covent Garden
360 °
Kasara Urban Resort Residences   Pasig City
Kasara Urban Resort Residences
360 °
Pioneer Woodlands   Mandaluyong
Pioneer Woodlands
The Sonoma   Santa Rosa City
The Sonoma
360 °
Mango Tree Residences   San Juan City
Mango Tree Residences
Cambridge Village   Cainta
Cambridge Village
360 °
California Garden Square   Mandaluyong
California Garden Square
360 °
Governor's Place Condominium   Mandaluyong
Governor's Place Condominium
360 °
San Francisco Gardens   Mandaluyong
San Francisco Gardens
Greenhills Garden Square   Quezon City
Greenhills Garden Square
Gilmore Heights   Quezon City
Gilmore Heights
Laguna Bel Air   Santa Rosa City
Laguna Bel Air

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