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About Pacific Resources Corp.

Pacific Resources Corporation started with a vision to be a brand that will be admired as an industry leader. Having established its name as a fierce real estate competitor, the company continues delivering and developing premium residential and commercial properties, primarily within the Metro Manila area. With an aim to saturate a broader demographic, the company fully involves itself in group-wide development and management of new business initiatives achieved by employing competitive, driven, and highly skilled real estate professionals, and providing them a relaxed setting that inspires a harmonious and enjoyable working experience. Committed to high standards of excellence, the team practices proper business ethics that are reflected in its culture and professionalism. Ensuring that the group stays up-to-date with the changes in the economy, industry, current trends, and technology, the company encourages its practitioners a continuous learning process and awareness of potential changes in the market. Pacific Resources Corporation’s portfolio includes Alexander House Condominium in Makati City. The company’s main office is strategically located in the central financial district.

Projects of Pacific Resources Corp.

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The Biltmore   Makati City
The Biltmore

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