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Lapu-Lapu City (Opon): City of History and Opportunity

Formerly called Opon, Lapu-Lapu City occupies most of Mactan Island and is part of Metro Cebu, the country's second largest metropolitan area. It is the site of the one of the first battles between native Filipinos and European colonizers, the Battle of Mactan; now, it is the site of a bustling seaport and airport that serve the rest of the Visayas and neighboring islands.

From Battleground to Beachfront

Lapu-Lapu City, like Cebu City across the Mactan Strait, was a busy trading center in the pre-Hispanic era. Recognizing its value as a trade route checkpoint, the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan attempted to capture Mactan Island, but was repulsed by native Filipino forces led by the chief Lapu-Lapu, for whome the modern-day city was named.

Prior to 1961, the town was known as Opon; its strategic location made it a target for Japanese invaders during the Second World War, when it was heavily bombed. It was subsequently liberated in 1945, and in the 1960s, the island became the site of a U.S. Air Force base. After the Vietnam War, the base was transferred to the Philippines and became the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which now serves flights from the Philippines and the rest of the world.

Because of the presence of the airport, Lapu-Lapu City became a thriving tourist and resort center, with hotel chains, such as Radisson, Plantation Bay, and Shangri-La, building branches on the island's white sand beaches. Most of the city's residents, though, work and study in Cebu City, crossing either of two bridges to reach their destinations.

Buying a House in Lapu-Lapu City (Opon)

Lapu-Lapu City has become a residential center, with many people choosing to build homes in one of the city's gated subdivisions. These subdivisions, including Costa Cittadina Homes, Aldea del Sol, and Pacific Grand Villas, offer many of the amenities of high-end resorts, such as swimming pools, clubhouses, and 24/7 security. With prices ranging from P1.3 million to P45 million, you can find a Lapu-Lapu City house that fits your budget and needs.


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