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BF Homes - A Refuge in the South

Pioneered by the late Tomas Aguirre, BF Homes started from a barren agricultural land into a lively, dynamic residential and commercial hub. Only envisioned as an urban oasis from the busy cities of Manila, Makati and Quezon City, the subdivision and its population grew in a rapidly, and is now one of Metro Manila's most popular area districts for rental houses .

A Thriving Commercial District

Rich with its own cultural history, this 765-hectare subdivision is now a breeding ground for the professionals and starting families. Aguirre Street which was closed before due to the restriction of the subdivision being a gated community is now open and lined with commercial establishments side by side. These commercial establishments which started from small are now growing progressively with more franchises. Such grounds of innovation include restaurants such as Sinangag Express, Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant, Little Quiapo and Mulligan's.

The entrepreneurial skills brought about by the young minds perpetuated the subdivision into a busy food haven comparable to other famous restaurant districts such as Timog-Morato of Quezon City and Concepcion Dos of Marikina City. BF Saturday Market as well thrives as an incubator of innovation for entrepreneurship. Houses for rent at  BF Homes are now on the rise as chefs, workers, and foodies alike are on the hunt for their next food craving.

Renting a House at BF Homes

Enticing enough as it is, this self-sufficient development comprises of wet market, private schools, gas stations, car shops, shoe stores, barbershops, medical and dental clinics. Houses for rent at BF Homes ranging from P30,000 to P100,000 per month, and can easily access prominent large-scale malls such as SM BF Homes, SM Sucat, Uniwide Mall and South Mall. The high-concentration of South Korean expatriates in the subdivision attributes to the 20-minute driving distance to Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

If you want a mixture of vintage and modern, then BF Homes has all the quintessential features.


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