Quezon City

A former capital of the Philippines, Quezon City has grown to become an economic powerhouse, thanks to the city’s contribution to the country’s economic growth. Though filled with horizontal residences emanating an underrated suburban vibe, the largest city in the National Capital Region is also home to multiple business processing outsource (BPO) companies, top-notch schools, broadcasting networks and shopping complexes. It is also home to the avant-garde health care centers like Philippine Heart Center, Lung Center of the Philippines and St. Luke’s Medical Center. La Mesa Ecopark and Quezon City Memorial Circle also also popular weekend destinations for starter and growing families who wish to connect with nature.

These are the best Condominiums For Sale in Quezon City. The top 3 Condominiums are Spazio Bernardo Condominium, Flora Vista, Amaia Steps Novaliches.

  • Spazio Bernardo Condominium is ranked #1 based on a Affordability Score of 9.6, with an average size of 36sqm which is 0% higher as compared to Quezon City.
  • Flora Vista is ranked #2 based on a Affordability Score of 9.6, with an average size of 30sqm which is 16.67% lower as compared to Quezon City.
  • Amaia Steps Novaliches is ranked #3 based on a Affordability Score of 9.6.

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